Baby phone avec des animaux

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Description de l'appli

Baby Phone with Music, Animals is an educational and entertaining game for children of early preschool age. Playing baby telephone kids can easily learn 123 for kids, animals for toddlers and animals sounds for baby.
Main features of the phone for kids:
1) Kids learning animals - a snake, a monkey, a bear, a cat, a mouse, a horse, a goat, a fox, a duck, an elephant, a pig, a sheep, a parrot, a penguin, a lion, a tiger, a chicken, a rooster, a cow, a dog. So, the kid phone includes both wild and domestic animals for kids. Moreover, the kids phone presents animals for kids from different climate zones. For example, there is learning animals from mixed forests, polar region, etc.
2) Animal sounds for kids learning free. Our babyphone has a function to pretend phone calls for kids from animals. During these real phone calls for kids free app makes animals produce animal voices for kids. Playing toy phone for babies toddlers will hear a parrot chirping, a pig grunting, a tiger growling, a cow mooing, a dog barking, a snake hissing, a cat mewing, a mouse squealing, a duck quack, a hen cackling, a cock crowing and other animals making animals voice for kids.
3) Learning numbers for preschoolers. Children love to play phone for kids, especially press the buttons of a toy phone. Our phone for kids all in one is an interactive baby toy phone in which babies can push the bright colorful buttons with numerals for kids and learn numbers for toddlers from 0 to 9.
4) Our baby mobile phone trains fine motor skills, develops intelligence, memory, logic, mindfulness, curiosity.
5) The toddler phone app is available in several languages - English, Russian and some others.
6) All our educational games for kindergarteners are free to download, and this baby cell phone is not an exception. Baby phone app free will save your family budget and provide baby first play phone of high quality.
7) Our baby phone kids was created in the tight cooperation of children illustrators and pedagogues. That’s why the kids phone app has such a clear, simple and intuitive interface easy to deal with even for the youngest babies.
8) Our babyphone game has great entertaining potential . It’s not only animal learning games with animals sounds for baby and numbers for toddlers free, but also kids entertainment. The children phone is developed to play phone for kids call in such a way that animals will call your baby from time to time. So, baby phone numbers and animals will never let your toddler get bored.
Our baby phone with animals can be recommended as:
- educational games for 2 year olds (or learning games for toddlers age 2);
- learning games for toddlers age 3;
- educational games for 4 year olds;
- educational games for 5 year olds.
How to play baby mode for your phone:
First of all, you should download the toddler phone on your smartphone or tablet. The baby phone number animal meets your kid with beautiful interface with juicy buttons. The navigation of kids baby phone is very simple. When your baby presses the yellow button with a handset in the educational games for kids baby phone 3 4 years, the baby animal phone opens the phone book with animal cards. In order to play phone games for kids and call a certain animal, to touch the image of the animal will be enough. The baby phone games for babies will never ignore your child and the animal will answer for sure. The baby telephone games are not only baby animal games, but also musical games for kids. When your baby presses the blue button of the toy phone games (with the image of a note on it), the kids phone games begin to play music notes in the direct and reverse order. If your kid presses the light blue button of the kids toy phone learning games (with the “play” inscription on it), there will be heard a nice melody in the educational games for kids nursery. The task of toddler learning games here is to press the necessary button which the kids phone calls will show with the help of animation.

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