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Cal- Benefits, Payment,Service

Éditeur: Cal - Israel Credit Cards Ltd.
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Description de l'appli

It will be much easier for you to be updated on your Visa, MasterCard and Diners credit card status, to manage them online, and enjoy Cal's benefits.

You can also easily watch transactions you have made in Israel and abroad (including credits and transactions in process), change the billing date, increase your credit line, control your billing, stop direct debits, apply for a loan, view your secret code, search transactions and much more...

Here is a reminder of things you will find in Cal's app:

- The app updates your information constantly. It has detailed information about all your cards, no matter if it's a Visa, MasterCard, Diners or debit card. In the app, you can also find CalChoice cards in which you can decide your monthly payment.

- Google Pay - a new and more convenient way to make payments from your mobile device in Israel and abroad (in selected Cal cards). You can enroll in Google Pay from within the application. You can pay by holding your device next to the payment terminal.

- What can you find in the transaction details? Well, all your expenses in Israel and abroad, including those you did right now. Have you seen a strange billing transaction or the business name doesn't ring a bell? Be calm, the app can easily find the transaction details up to a year and a half back.

- Interested in checking a particular monthly charge in your bank account? A monthly expense graph, which includes all transactions in all of your credit cards and instant debits (cash withdrawals, overseas transactions, online transactions) is waiting for you at the home page. We set a review of the last 6 months!

- Want to decide your monthly payment amount? It's super-easy! We have designed for you a short friendly process where you control both the number of payments and the monthly payment itself.

- Do you know who you should follow these days? That's right, your credit line. And now with the app, it's so simple… you can see how much credit is available and how much you have used.

- Do you have a direct debit that you need to stop? No need to call us, just do it in the app.

- Need a loan? we have prepared a simple and fast process where you can apply for a loan anytime.

- Have you heard about our "fixed monthly charge" program? Anyone who joins it can set their monthly charge amount each month, so there will be no surprises at the charging date. In the app, you can reduce or increase your charge each month, whichever is right for you.

- Your card is lost or stolen? It happens ... The app allows you to block the card permanently or temporarily. If you blocked it permanently - We'll automatically send you a new card. If you blocked it temporarily and eventually found it - You can reactivate it from the app.

- Is your card damaged or eroded? report it in the app and a new card will be sent to you.

- Our app is not just beautiful, it is also very smart. How many apps do you know have their own insights? Insights about unusual direct debit charges, credits you receive, your online forex shopping, your cash withdrawal amounts and much more.

- There are many additional positive features in our app, but the most striking one is the plus button, where you will find all the actions you can do in the app. And if you couldn't find what you were looking for, you can use the quick search. You can type or say what you are looking for!
- in the app you will find all of our clubs cards, such as - Flycard, Shufersal, Yesh, Powercard, Family 365, Diners Extra, H&O, Miles & More, Shaveh, Hitech zone, Yahad, Cal Fixnet and more, and also the bank cards which Cal has an arrangement with, such as Discount and Mercantile, Igud, Yahav, Mizrahi, Habeinleumi, PAGI, the Bank of Jerusalem, U Bank, HSBC, Otzar hachayal and Hapoalim.
- it's important for us to improve our skills and provide you the best services we can, so we are still open for reviews - if you found a problem or feel that something is missing in the app? Email us at

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