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Complete Android security against privacy threats, theft, malware, Fake Apps and Key Logger keeps your device safe, ensures seamless productivity and prevents misuse of confidential data.

Quick Heal Total Security, certified by AV-Test, provides robust web security against malicious threats. It blocks malicious and phishing websites, scans all apps, protects children with Parental Control features, provides Call filter and offers advanced anti-theft features.
To learn more, visit http://www.quickheal.co.in/home-users/quick-heal-total-security-for-android
Thousands of Android users now trust Quick Heal with the safety of their devices and data protection. You can be one of them and enjoy the following benefits.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Features & Benefits:
★ Quick Heal's anti-theft technology prevents your device from being misused, if it gets lost or stolen. It allows you to lock your device or erase its entire data remotely.
Motion Alarm: It notifies user instantly if the phone is moved from its current position, alerting about the possibility of a theft.
Pocket Alarm: Ensures pocket theft protection by instantly notifying user, if someone attempts to steal phone from pocket.
Wi-Fi Security: alerts you whenever your mobile device detects an unsecured Wi-Fi network.
Scan Before Download: automatically scans apps even before you download them from the Google Play Store. It also informs you whether an app is safe to install or not.
Quick Scan: Runs a quick scan on your device at your request to detect and block malwares, key loggers and fake apps.
Background Scan: inspects every downloaded app to ensure that it’s safe. The antivirus engine also scans the entire device for malware and malicious programs.
SafePe: secures your financial transactions when you use payment apps for online shopping, banking, paying bills, etc.
App Lock:Keep your sensitive content secure and private by locking any app with a PIN code, or fingerprint
Parental Control: blocks specific websites and websites based on their categories such as adult, violence, drugs, etc.
Call Filter*: blocks unwanted calls from individual numbers or entire series. International calls can also be blocked.
Boost: It speeds up device performance, improves battery life, and kills idle or running apps on demand.
Network Monitor*:It monitors data usage and sets alerts and limits for the same.
Remote Device Management: helps you remotely lock your lost or stolen device, wipe its data, and trace its location.
Message Center: displays all crucial notifications and news alerts at a centralized place.
Privacy Advisor: helps you review apps installed on your phone and their permissions which may affect your privacy.
Security Advisor: guides you about settings that can enhance the overall security of your Smartphone.
Security Shield:displays the security level of your device and data through a graphical representation.
Regular Automated Virus Updates: takes automatic virus definition updates.
Intruder Detection: takes snapshots of anyone who tries to unlock your device with a wrong PIN.

*This feature may not work on android 9 and above OS

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