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Self-Employed? Sorted helps you keep your business transactions organized year-round so you spend less time getting ready at tax time and don’t miss out on tax savings.

• Designed for the unique needs of freelancers, consultants, contract workers, rideshare drivers, designers, real estate agents, architects, performers, artists, fitness instructors and many more self-employed individuals in Canada.

• Sorted is built to easily track your business expenses, sales taxes (GST/HST/PST), and summarize your applicable business deductions.

• Easily download a spreadsheet with all the information you need to do your income and sales taxes. Or simply send it to your accountant at tax time! We’ve cut the work for you.

• As part of the RBC organization, data safety and security is our top priority. We use best-in-class encryption technology to ensure your data is protected.

Here’s how Sorted works:

Don’t forget an expense or miss out on tax savings

• For speed and ease of use, link the bank or credit card accounts you use for business (Or you may also manually input your transactions). Most Canadian financial institutions are supported.
• Receive reminders when new transactions are ready to be organized.
• When your new transactions appear on the app, simply swipe to separate personal and business expenses.
• Review and organize your expenses into the CRA tax categories provided.
• Capture business use of home and vehicle utilization.
• Add, edit or delete transactions at any time.

Be ready for tax deadlines

• If you’re registered for sales taxes, Sorted tracks what you’ve collected and the credits you've earned on business expenses.
• Know how much you owe, when it’s due, and receive CRA deadline notifications.
• Download your report and send it to your accountant or use it to do your own taxes.
• Easily export a detailed report of your sorted transactions to complete 1) Form T2125 on your personal income tax return or 2) Form S125 on your corporate income tax return.
• Quarterly and annual reports available.
• Customize the reporting period for your business.


• You are a freelancer, contract worker, rideshare driver, designer, real estate agent, architect, performer, fitness instructor - you get the picture!
• You manage your business transactions through business and/or personal bank accounts and credit cards.
• You do business in Canada. Sorted currently only supports Canadian dollar bank accounts and credit cards with most Canadian financial institutions.
• You are operating under your own name (non-registered), registered or incorporated.
• You are registered or not to collect sales tax (i.e. GST/HST).
Sorted was created and built by RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada, where we’re going beyond banking to solve problems and transform the way you live your life.

Visit for information about RBC digital channel privacy.

When you select to install Sorted, you’re consenting to any future updates or upgrades. Depending on your device, operating system or user-initiated settings, these may automatically be installed. You’re able to withdraw your consent by uninstalling Sorted from your device at any time.

If you download Sorted, you must review, and are subject to, the Legal Terms of Use found at as well as the Sorted Terms & Conditions found at

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Sorted is powered by RBC Ventures. RBC Ventures Inc. Sorted © 2019.

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