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With ShopTop5 - instant price comparison, always get the best value for the money.
The Holiday Season deals at the lowest possible price in Canada. We do the searching and you do the saving on top-rated products. The brands you love from the stores you trust.

1) We tell WHERE to buy at the lowest price.
ShopTop5 search automatically, at more than 100 of your favorite stores, for all the prices available online to then spot the site with the lowest possible price.

2) We tell WHEN to buy at the lowest price.
ShopTop5 watches for the price changes and notifies you when the price drops 10% and more.

3) We tell you EVERYTHING about the products.
ShopTop5 collects all the relevant information for you to take the best and informed purchase decisions. This includes videos (demos and unboxing), nice pictures, reviews and ratings of the other Shoppers, the price comparison, info on free shipping if available, location of the stores nearby to test the products before even buying.

- the price comparison: In few seconds, we check if the product is available at 100+ stores online, including the major Canadian retailers, and we collect the prices to spot instantly where is the cheapest place. You do not need to do all this manually anymore, this saves you effort and time! It is like the price comparison tools for plane tickets. We are the first Canadian app with instant price comparison on products though. We find the sites with the lowest possible prices.

- the barcode scanner: In-store, you can check in a snap if lower prices are available online or at other stores closeby.

- the powerful search: If you have a specific product in mind, you can easily search by keywords and we take care of finding the lowest possible price in seconds.

- the videos and the reviews: On top of finding the lowest prices, we search also for reviews and videos made by the other Shoppers on the products (ratings, demos, unboxing). You can then get a clear view of the products even before buying them.

- the pre-selection of products: In our categories, we present all the brand-name products with ratings higher than 80%. You do not need to search for them anymore. We highlight the best products that also have big discounts. That way, we always offer you the best value for the money. Included, we check with Health Canada if the products are not recalled.

- alerts and notifications on the deals: You can add products to your wish list and then we watch their price. If we notice a discount higher than 10%, we immediately notify you. So, we tell you when to buy at the lowest price. That way, we make sure that you always benefit from the lowest prices.

- the location of stores: We spot the stores nearby if you want to touch and test the products before buying them, and we provide the Google maps to get there rapidly.

- 14 languages: ShopTop5 is available in 14 languages to allow everyone to shop in their mother tongue. It includes English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turk, German, Italian, Portuguese and Tagalog. All product titles are translated in real-time.

- the social shopping: You can share deals among friends and with the family if you want to shop together and then help your close ones to also save money.

Please take a moment to review and rate your app ! Your feedback is valuable to improve the service we have the pleasure of providing you - especially when it comes to getting the lowest prices.

Download ShopTop5 NOW and always get the best value for the money.

Happy Holiday Season !
the ShopTop5 team

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