Ambitions:Birth of a President

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Description de l'appli

Ambitions: Birth of a President is a political RPG, in which you can fully experience the path from an ordinary citizen to a great President.
You will deal with the state affairs, recruit staffs and crush your political enemies, ranking high in public love and esteem. Meanwhile, your private life could be amazing as well: girls from different classes throw themselves on you. Be careful! Your whole career is full of difficulties since there are numerous enemies with ignoble conspiracies. Are you scared?
Now enter this arena of power and dominate the House of Cards!

Ambitions: Birth of a President Features:

Ambitions to the Top of Power
▶Level up from an ordinary citizen to the apex of power.
▶Build a strong team to help you overcome all the obstacles of your political career.
▶Organize your own party, supporting each other with friends to enhance your influence.

Ability to Run the Country
▶Experience the daily work of a President! To be radical or conservative, it’s your choice.
▶Win the public support through making public speeches and calling on donations.
▶Arrange your subordinates to be given refresher courses to strengthen their skills and attributes.

Enjoy the Indulgent Private Life
▶Use your charm to dazzle women of all classes, take them as your little secrets!
▶Raise children and intermarry with other influential families to consolidate your family’s status.
▶Routine inspections can enhance your influence, and you may meet different girls unexpectedly!

Get Rid of the Threats from Your Enemies
▶Speeches and bills are effective for the election, but sometimes you had to do it in a sinister way.
▶Lead the FBI to disrupt terrorist attacks and mobilize national defense strength.
▶Make the media your weapon against the political enemies, not the force against you.

More Interesting Political Activities Await
▶Have banquets and social events at your mansion, sharing joy with your friends!
▶Use all means to intervene in global trade and make your nation a big trading country.
▶Preach your political opinions to the public and win long-term support from them.

What are you waiting for? Come and play now! The President as wise as you will be born here.

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Dear Mr. President,
If you have any question in the game, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support to Ambitions: Birth of a President!

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