ortho – Bouncing ball Quest game

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Fall Ortho – Bouncing ball Quest game is next addictive game ahead where you need to dodge the moving ‎obstacles. Best arcade game where you need to tap the screen and the ball will jump, you should try ‎to avoid all moving obstacles and pass through it. Fall Ortho – Bouncing ball Quest obstacles dodge game is a very simple ‎and interesting game with just one simple rule: DO NOT touch the obstacles and pass the ball. It starts ‎very easy and gets harder in each level. Pass the jumping ball through in the single possible way to be a ‎winner. It is an endless ball pop game but very difficult to make higher scores. You need to beat the hurdles one-‎by one to pass each level. Passive or aggressive in the levels? It is up to you many amazing new ‎different levels, can you be the master of this challenging game? Do the good Job and nice moves to ‎pass the levels by avoiding obstacles. Tap the screen to hit the ball in the center to get score.‎

Ortho bouncing ball quest game is newest arcade game. Avoid the different type of obstacles to ‎win. This Fall Ortho – Bouncing ball Quest game ball game is an easy to play and highly addictive game. The Fall Ortho – Bouncing ball Quest game is a perfect ‎ball arcade game for all ages. Very easy to play, too hard to master. The game is one of the best ‎obstacle avoiding and free falling game, which has very intense game play. Protect the ball with your ‎finger while it is moving down through obstacles. Beware of hurdles and cross them efficiently to ‎move forward and pass your levels. Do not let anything to touch it or fall it. ‎

Features of Fall Ortho – Bouncing ball Quest game:

- 3 different worlds
- play intense game in choice environment
- No time limits and Endless gameplay
- Small memory occupation
- Super realistic physics
- Clean, colorful graphics HD
- Fast paced but relaxing gameplay
- Tap to jump and move when you get a clear way
- Difficult after every obstacle passing
- Attractive themes and interface, suitable for all ages
- You can play offline
- 24 different levels which are really challenging and mind teasing
- 18 different characters
- Attractive environment and good graphics‎
- Challenging and addictive play
- Easy and Simple to understand
- Fast pace smooth falling and jumping
- Great time pass game
- Relaxing colors and music

Control the ball using a finger and avoid the moving obstacles. Pass through hundreds of exciting levels ‎like an endless gameplay. You might play much symmetry and a causal one-touch game but this is one ‎of the best blocks dodge game, where you can entertain yourself with a different attractive levels ‎after passing each obstacle, challenging paths, different obstacles, and attractive environment. Play ‎the game it has hundreds of levels in which you will see how the difficulty increases little by little and ‎where you will have to be more and more precise to not touch the moving blocks.‎

This ball arcade game is easy in the game but it is very hard to reach high scores. Reach the highest-level ‎of it and be the top position holder and high scorer. So stick yourself to get high scores by achieving ‎different levels and avoid obstacles on the way. If you are looking for the best bouncing ball games, so do ‎not go anywhere, just check this out to feel the real taste. Play carefully and make the right move with ‎your color magnet on a beautiful track. It is time to test your gaming reflexes and fast rhythm skills.‎

Download this best classic game in new style where moving obstacles will entertain you with endless ‎struggle of different types. Hope, you will like this mind teasing game, which is ‎developed by highly skilled developers to entertain you during your free time. Please share with ‎friends and family and let us know your feedback for further improvements and levels to make this ‎game as a benchmark in the arcade game. Let us know your feedback at support email. Be happy & ‎enjoy.

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