Battleground Call Duty Free Cover Fire Special Ops

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Battleground call of special ops commando on duty in modern and advance battle royal ultimate war modes to become best fps shooter call duty of battleground shooting games. Lead your special modern ops force into the battle on land through tough challenges to defend the frontlines of your nation for survival and victory.

Call of US war duty of special forces to conduct the critical strike operations in battle royale game. You have to answer the call of your commando which are on duty as the elite sniper shooter from military here to assassin any undead soldier and assist your companion. You play as a part of special anti-terrorist force in battlefields to end this critical terrorist strike. co-op with your firing squad and cause destruction to most competitive war combat enemies. it's your call duty on mobile game for critical counter strike to eliminate the enemies out of all battlegrounds.

Battleground call duty mobile shooting is new FPS / TPS free fire free call of cover fire mobile duty game. Take part in the call duty battlefield and fight back like free fire free fps commando call duty in real battle land and kill all hopeless enemies of modern warfare of survival land. Make a call of modern fps special ops soldiers on battleground call of back up duty in survival battle land. Fire Free against the modern terrorist warfare soldier & turn the war battlefield results in the counter-terrorist squad. Battleground call of survival duty modern fps strike is fully action survival battle mobile games. We believe you will enjoy modern fps strike on duty commando gun force game during real battle royal war. Face them on frontline as well as in the death-match. it's the call of warfare ops duty with a range of weapons from sniper, assault, gunner to RPG. Shoot until you have earned the medal of best counter terrorist striker.

Call of battle mobile warfare duty in modern mobile shooting game your mission in cover fire maps to defeat all war enemies and make back up call of help in order to become hero of counter strike black ops mission ,this tropes will lead the battle land hopeless solider fight for survival through deserts ,ruined cities and area taken by enemy battle royal tropes with the best trained gun force commando . Select your desired fire fps free bullet of legend weapons during UNLIMITED warfare missions and customize them to show your skills during Modern FPS strike.


i. Very unique Death Match Modes under free fire free cover fire with gun force.
ii. Best Survival experience on mobile shooting game.
iii. Eye catching Battlegrounds Maps for shooting skills on call duty mobile game.
iv. Deadly weapons with good quality textures: pistols, Machine Guns, snipers, shotgun, grenades and rockets .
v. Try to immortalize your name among the legends
vi. Best thrilling experience of battle royal action that engulfs the true single-player gun games essence.
vii. Beautiful HD Graphics and Easy Controls on call duty game of bullet of legend Weapons.
viii. Play as Modern FPS critical strike Agents, each equipped with gun force. Best Offline Battleground call duty game
ix. Complete your levels and try to get higher position where the call of battleground duty hits new heights of free fire free fps shooting games.


Select Call of battle royale mode and Death Match mode in battleground call duty game to join fps shooter mission and fight with free fire fps battlefields commando under cover fire strategies. Team up with selected tropes for survival mission in death match or battle royale mode. Fly Helicopter and drive variety of 4x4s vehicles in battle land across desert. Before you drop commando from helicopter we recommend you to make a back up call of battle royal commando who are on duty to perform unknown battleground mission in survival battleground zone.

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