Véritable course de dragsters du du Nord américain

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🏁Real American North Dakota Truck Drag racing🏁

In search of the Truck Drag racing game? ⛟
Do you want to experience the thrill of ” Real Truck with Jet Engines Spitting Fire “Drag Racing and the excitement of avoiding crashes on Drag Racing?
You need Real American North Dakota Truck Drag racing 🏎️
All new and classic Trucks a surprise gift for enjoyment.


it's like to work your way through the ranks of drag racing, and will test even the best driver!
One of the best Truck Drag Racing 2020 comes to your mobile with the most realistic driving physics, max speed, addictive gameplay, and endless fun! Racing Classics is for you! Take part in the challenging drag races, where the perfect timing is the key point for your success. Jump right behind the wheel and face your racing rivals building your driver's career! Change gears at the right time and be fast!

⚡️5 Different Drivers and 5 Different Drive Styles
Game has 5 Different Drivers with Their Truck to give you Different Driving Experience.

👧 Danica : Beauty With Brains. She is total in winning

💃Nora : She Love to Belly Dance and Drag Racing What a killer combination

🧔 Victor : Local Mob Boss who likes to race his truck

👸 Mizziel Serra : She is real Drag racer, She like Bike Drag racing and Big Trucks and she
is HOT
🧛 JOKER : He is not a Joke , He is a bit CRAZY, he is racing in a Fire Truck can you imagine a fire truck with Jet Engines on it. As i told you he is a Bit KRAZY.


Heat up your tires with long smokey burnouts and when the green light drops launch full throttle with your wheels in the air! Push your skills to the limit rapidly accelerating to over 200 mph all the while doing your best to keep from smoking the tires or blowing your engine on a tricky racing surface.

If you are a huge fan of extreme hot Jet Engines on Truck spitting Fire or iconic old-school Truck with Jet Engine this game is for you. Pick your favorite Truck and Driver and race as fast as you can!

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