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Tom and Jerry: Chase ™ - 4 vs 1 Hide & Seek Runner

Éditeur: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Prix: Gratuit

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Description de l'appli

Tom and Jerry: Chase ™ is a riot of fun and mischief, and a truly immersive mobile experience! Escape with this glorious hide and seek runner game, which will not only delight fans of asymmetrical pvp, platformer and multiplayer games, but every player who ever loved the sly cat and the irrepressible little mouse!

You can play as either cat or mouse. Transform into naughty Jerry, collect cheese and try to outwit Tom. Or play tricky Tom the cat up against a crew of cheeky mice, in a 4 vs 1 battle of wits and cunning!

Experience the ultimate game of cat and mouse, and hide and seek. Download this cartoon game for free today and enjoy the thrill of the chase!

Tom and Jerry: Chase ™ also features characters like Tuffy the adorable mouse, Cuckoo the cute canary, Lightning the speedy cat and Spike, the stern bulldog who hates cats but looks out for mice. Each character has a unique skill!

Tom and Jerry: Chase ™ lovingly recreates the gray-blue tone of the original cartoon, with wall projection and other retro elements to take you back! Tom and Jerry enjoy hide and seek high jinks in the kitchen, the study, the bedroom, the back garden and more. The game is packed with fun and familiar scenes!

Tom and Jerry: Chase ™ offers a single player runner mode. In the classic game of cat and mouse, Jerry steals cheese and collects other power-ups as he runs and hides from Tom.

Play as a mouse and form a 4-player team with friends. In 4 vs 1 game mode, multiple Jerry mice collect cheese while hiding and defending themselves against Tom. Wily Tom the cat will try every trick in the book to stop his mouse opponents from stealing cheese and escaping!

Players can choose from modes including Classic Mode, Golden Key Match, Fun with Fireworks, Cheese Frenzy Match, and Beach Volleyball. Each mode provides its own unique gameplay. Explore a variety of different maps, including Classic House, Summer Cruise, and Night Castle. Every game will feel fresh and new!

Just like in the cartoon, Tom and Jerry have many props available to tease and thwart each other! Choose from over 30 different props scattered around. A fork on the table, ice cubes in the refrigerator, and even the picture frames on the wall can all be used to get the better of opponents. This fast-paced mayhem looks incredible in motion!

Rediscover the joy of childhood and the giddy fun of hide and seek! In multiplayer mode, communicate with your friends via voice chat and discuss your tactics to take Tom down. You can even dress your characters. Don’t miss the chance to be the sharpest-looking cat or mouse on the block!

Dive into a world of colorful characters, detailed props, classic scenes and nonstop action!

Download and play this adorable hide and seek runner game for free TODAY!

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