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Description de l'appli

Xilli QR & Barcode Scanner and Generator can read and make all QR codes. This app can generate all types of codes including text, contact, calendar, my profile, Instagram, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats. To scan the QR code, simply open this application, align the code. Free QR Reader and Barcode Generator will automatically recognize any barcode.

It’s very easy to use; there is no need to press any button or adjust the zoom. Just open the app and point to the barcode. After scanning and automatic decoding, the result is provided to the user. After scanning, users can take appropriate actions and have relevant options for saving and copy. You can use this app to scan coupon codes and any QR code.
It can scan any type of codes like QR and Barcode. This QR scanner app also can generate many types of codes as follows:

You can type any text message as you want and give the phone number then this app will generate a QR code

Give the mail in empty space and type the whole description

Type the URL, description and generate the QR code

*Company Profile
Give the company name, service type, address, phone number, website, and Email to make a QR code

*Geo Location
Type the latitude, longitude, altitude, and description then you can generate a QR code

*Wifi Network
Fill empty spaces by giving SSID, password, and description to create a Barcode

By barcode generator, you can generate any clipboard QR code by giving topic and description

Add calendar events by this barcode generator app. You can make a code of any event.

User name, profile URL, Email and password is required to generate code of your facebook

You can make a code for Instagram as like facebook

To create a QR code for your Whatsapp uses this barcode generator. By giving your phone number you can produce code.

Display name, account URL, video URL, and description needs to manufacturer a barcode.

Make a QR code by fill the empty spaces with a user name, profile URL, email and password.

Give the Paypal link and description; then you can generate a QR code

This QR code generator app will give you the opportunity to generate any type of code in future updates. You will enjoy this tool app. You can gain many benefits from this tool app in daily life. You can scan any type of code by this app and make any type of code. You can scan utility codes by this QR scanner app. There is a history option of both scanner codes and generator codes in the app. Generator history you will see in future updates.

Free QR reader and barcode generator is a simple and convenient tool that helps you to create a QR code image displayed on the screen. That image you can save in your internal storage and after that, you can scan it. This application has both features one is a generator and another is a scanner. We will add a new feature in future updates that is you can scan an image by uploading from the gallery. We hope you will enjoy this App!!


-Easily scan QR code
-Different categories to generate code
-Scanner and generator history option
-Upload an image from gallery and auto scan
- QR code generator allows you to encrypt personal information
-Create codes of messages, wifi, phone numbers and locations
-Share with friends and save option
-Attractive graphics
-Easy and smooth to use

If you have any suggestion or issue please write to us at xillicontact@gmail.com

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