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Description de l'appli

The easiest and fastest way to calculate the exposure time when using neutral density filters or grey filters.

What does ND Filter Expert do?
With ND Filter Expert you can calculate the exposure time super fast and easy if you use ND Filter on your SLR camera.

You don't know how to use ND Filter?
That's not a problem. ND Filter Expert helps you get started in photography with ND Filters. The app provides comprehensive information and simple step-by-step instructions on what a Neutral Density Filter is and how to use it with your camera. In addition to the extensive tutorial, we offer you additional information and give you recommendations for suitable accessories. ND Expert offers you a complete package from start to finish for the use of ND filters.

Head calculation or writing?
Do you have all exposure times with ND Filter in your head or do you always have to write them down? That's over now. Save the calculated exposure time as a favorite and quickly access it again.

Problems measuring the exposure time?
Do you also never know when the calculated exposure time is over or do you have to have a stopwatch with you? ND Filter Expert has a built-in timer function that allows you to accurately measure times greater than three seconds. The app informs you with an alarm and vibration as soon as the timer has expired. In the settings you will find different types of tones and vibration schemes to choose from.

Can I combine filters?
Yes, of course, because ND Filter Expert gives you the ability to calculate the exposure time of up to five combined filters. For each filter you can choose from the total number of filters (ND1 - ND19) and combine them.

What can the Pro version do more?
In our premium version we have great extras for you. In addition to the deactivated advertising you have the possibility to save as many favorites as you like. Furthermore ND Filter Expert Pro offers you the possibility to save combined filters. For your favorites, we also offer various filters and sorting functions that allow you to structure your data even better. And last but not least, there are a few advanced settings compared to our basic version.

All ND Filter Expert Pro Features at a Glance:
- Calculation of the time extension when using neutral density filters
- Combine up to five different ND filters for calculation
- Information about neutral density filters, use of ND filters and useful accessories.
- Timer functionality for exposure time greater than three seconds
- Favorites list for frequently used ND filter values
- Solutions to frequently asked questions about the use of neutral density filters
- Setting options for the timer
- Different vibration modes for the timer
- Alarm with tone when timer expires
- No unnecessary authorizations; minimum authorizations
- Easy to use
- Further setting options
- Attractive design
- Support for the application

By purchasing the Pro version of ND Filter Expert you also get the following features:
- No advertising
- Infinite number of favorites
- Table of all ND filters used and available
- Jump from Favorites to Calculation or Timer
- Favorites can be sorted and filtered
- Favorites can be searched

If you have any questions about the app or ideas, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us at support@nd-filter-expert.com .

Further information about ND Filter Expert can also be found at www.nd-filter-expert.com

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