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MushHunt (mushroom identification)

Éditeur: Dikar Software
Prix: Gratuit

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Description de l'appli

The MushHunt is an offline Android application for fast automatic mushroom identification. It can identify about five hundred fungi species. On laboratory testing, it showed 96 % of accuracy. However, never forget that there are too many factors affecting accuracy and any mushroom (even edible, if it is picked in a wrong place) may be dangerous for you.

MushHunt’s advantages:

1. It can identify about 500 mushroom species;
2. The accuracy of predictions comes to 96 %;
3. It is offline, so it can correctly identify mushrooms without the Internet;
4. The app shows a short description and a photo of identified mushroom on the informational panel (press the icon -i- on the bottom of the ID page);
5. If there is a link to the Internet, you can verify a result of identification via Wikipedia and Google Search (select one of the buttons lower the question “Would you like to find out more about this mushroom?”);
6. The MushHunt shows the main result of identification on the ID screen and other predictions on the Other variants page. If you press on one of them, you will see the results of Google Search for selected species;
7. It is free. It hasn’t got any in-app purchases. Full-screen ads raise no more than twice per work session.

What can you do if the app crashed after the first attempt to identify a mushroom?

Unfortunately, there is an unknown error observed on 10 % of devices. Indeed, the app crashes after the first attempt to identify a mushroom. However, it rarely repeats twice or more times. If it happened on your device, don't worry, just start the app again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We've been working on solving this problem.

Several simple tips for corrected mushroom identification via the MushHunt:

1. A mushroom should occupy as more space on the camera screen as it is possible;
2. Hold a mushroom only vertical. A cap should be on the top of the screen, stipe – from the centre to the bottom;
3. Identify each mushroom several times from different foreshortenings.

Why the MushHunt can make a mistake?

1. The app simply doesn’t know a mushroom. There are about 30 thousand mushroom species which have a fruiting body seen to the eye. The MushHunt can identify about 500. We have been working to increase this number, but it is hard and requires time. With your maintenance we hope to release a new app which will be able to identify more than 1,5 thousand species in 2021;
2. There are one of several things that influence on the result: a mushroom is wrongly placed on the camera screen, bad light, a weak camera, too non-standard mushroom for its species, bug in the app or in your operating system, and so on;
3. The MushHunt hardly can identify too young or too old mushrooms. In addition, it can’t identify broken mushrooms, crashed mushrooms, cut mushrooms, cooked mushrooms, and so on;
4. Possibly you try to identify a non-mushroom object. The app can identify only mushrooms. If you try to identify a piece of paper, it will show the wrong result. Use this app as intended.

We hope this app will be useful for you! We will be grateful for any feedback and photos of wrongly identified mushrooms.

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