Boulder Challenge

Éditeur: Christian Fenzl
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Description de l'appli

App to create and share your own boulder problems on every climbing / home / gym / spray / chaos / system / training wall by simply taking a picture and easily specifying the definition.

Every wall, every boulder, anytime! Share it with your friends and the Boulder Challenge Community.

Search, find or create locations:
- You can search for bouldering gyms and climbing gyms, as well as create your own at any time, if the location does not yet exist in the app. So far (as of June 2019) almost 500 commercial gyms are already registered for Germany. If you have your own private boulder cellar, of course you can also add it on your own.
- Save the gyms where you are climbing often in your personal favorites. So you can quickly get to your favorite locations and others can see that you're a local there.

Create, climb and discuss boulders:
- For each location you can find all the boulders already created there. You can comment and rate them, save them under your favorites and add them as "topped out" to your personal ticklist.
- Adding a new boulder is easy: you take a picture of the desired wall area or select an existing image from your smartphone. Then you can mark the allowed hand and foot holds. Of course, you can also specify a name, optional level of difficulty and description, as well as much more about your boulder if you want.
- How detailed you define your boulder is up to you. Start and end must always be stated. If necessary, you can also specify each hold more precisely. For example, if a hold only with the left hand may be used or it is only a hand hold, but not a foot hold. If that's not enough, you can even add a note to each marker.
- You can zoom into the image of your boulder to see even small details. Of course, you can also move and delete existing markers. At least as long as no one else has climbed your boulder ;)

Mutual exchange with the community:
- If you connect with other climbers by subscribing to them, you can see in your news what they did. In addition, you will see in your personal news e.g. if one of your boulders has been climbed or commented on.
- Of course, you decide on your own, if others can subscribe to you and if your profile is completely visible to others. In your profile settings you can choose if your profile is private or public. You can change this at any time.
- You get points for all your actions. For example, if you have climbed a boulder and added it to your ticklist, but also if one of your boulders has been rated well by someone else.
- Send and receive private messages.

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