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Description de l'appli

Bigfoot is a safe, simple-to-use, and ad-free online game assistant for mobile games. It’s also a useful in-game assist tool that can improve the gamer’s performance and help everyone play better.

Bigfoot delivers build-in assistant for many mobile games, including online shooting games, war games, AR games and more. Among all of them, Bigfoot also offers specific functions for some battle royal games, such as pubg mobile, free fire, cod, fortnite, pokemon go, minecraft, etc. More customized functions for more games will be added. Please keep the focus on Bigfoot and its future updates.

Highlight Features:

🚩 Resource Map & Customized Crosshair
Bigfoot assists battle royal players to find the best loot locations and get exclusive armories for modern warfare. With Bigfoot, you will overcome the difficulty of unknown battlegrounds and get familiar with all maps. You can directly see a loot guide showing where adv. loots are whenever you open the map. Accurate loot markers enable you to know the loot layouts clearly. In addition, Bigfoot provides customized crosshair, which will enhance your game experience in call of duty, pubg mobile, fortnite, and free fire.

🗺️ Top Layouts & Build a Clan with One Tap
Bigfoot offers various clan base maps, which are the collections of new layouts from top players. Gamers can easily access all clash of clan base maps and view details of each by a floating window without exiting the game. Comparing mine crafted village with theirs, then copy the most suitable one by a tap. As a result, you will build strong clans in seconds and win in any clash.

👑 Deck Recommendation
Bigfoot provides several decks based on gamer’s level in clash royale. You can view cards layout and detailed info about each deck or learn more via a video guide, such as how to use these cards to attack over a fortnight, or how to use knives out of iron to attack. Then you can deploy the most satisfied deck by just a tap.

🗃️ Poké Trade & Pokédex
For AR games, like Pokémon go, a full Pokédex is provided in Bigfoot. Every player can get full info of every Pokémon, including basic info, evolution, and skills, etc. More importantly, Bigfoot creates an opportunity for every trainer to exchange their Pokémon. Trainers can publish a post to ask for the Pokémon they want, or contact other trainers if they see any Pokémon they are interested in. Just search or filter the list, after finding the Pokémon you want, send messages to chat with the trainer and make a trade.

🎥 Screen Recorder & Screenshot
Bigfoot screen recorder and screenshot functions capture your game with a tap. Especially for brawl stars, there is an auto screen recorder so that you can replay the full battle log and highlight moments without limitations. Besides, make simple revisions with video edit function conveniently and share vidoes or screenshots to your friends or your fandom on social networks.

💡Level Guide & Tips
For many casual games, such as homescapes, gardenscapes, identity v, etc., Bigfoot offers level guide & full walkthrough in words, screenshots, and guide videos. Learn more about each level quickly and follow the steps and tips to clear each level easily.

Bigfoot is a free game assistant app that aims to help you win and have fun in games by providing helpful supports. Use Bigfoot game assistant whenever you play games. Bigfoot will try to go beyond the call of duty on helping every gamer! Prepare for battle! Download now on Google Play!

Disclaimer: Bigfoot is a game assistant app for entertainment purposes only. Bigfoot is not associated or affiliated with any games above. All games and related details are created by their respective owners who do not provide any guarantee, sponsorship or special permission, nor take any responsibility for it.

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