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Éditeur: Sebastien Perroud
Prix: 4.99 USD
Compatibilité: iPhone & iPad

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Description de l'appli

Please contact me by mail. I can't help and reply, when you write only an App store comment!

The "Auto Accompanist" (AAccompanist) includes all features of the popular "AccordionPlus" (see more details there), but has amazing additional functionalities.

MIDI Bluetooth LE supported (e.g. Yamaha MD-BT01).

Now you can additionally use a lot (not all) of "Yamaha" standard style files (*.STY)! This files are not included but can easily be found in the world wide web!
See a short video here: "youtube Accompanist Walter Schurter"

To improve sound quality, use an external Sound Module or for example the Roland App "Sound Canvas" or the "Gwerder X4" sound module. All instruments of the "Sound Canvas" (SC-8820) and "Gwerder X4" are selectable. You can map all 128 GM instruments to other instruments.

Let you accompany automatically (more than 100 MIDI style files included) by pressing a chord key on the bass side of the accordion or play the chords with an external MIDI keyboard (MIDI interface or ev. camera kit for USB-devices required).

Chromatic Accordion (buttons or 88 piano keys!) "C-System", "B-System", "Free bass mode", "Quint converter" (only iPad's), "Drum mode", MIDI file player/recorder. Bayan not included.

Some user comments:
Even better! * * * * *
von n9yty - Version - 1.1.3 - Nov 21, 2014
So, this update took a great app and added the B-griff or B-system layout for no extra charge.

AAccompanist * * * * *
von Rgk45 - Version - 1.0.3 - Nov 10, 2014
What a marvelous app!! Wow!!! I am absolutely pleased.

Klasse App * * * * *
von Uwerrr - Version - 2.1.1 - Feb 7, 2015
Macht großen Spass. Bin total Begeistert. Danke

No external sound module is required (General MIDI sounds are included).
See video here:

You get best results with Apple devices having min. Apple A6 processor, connected to a stereo equipment (earphone, not "lightning" connector). Don't use Bluetooth (to much delay time)!

Set the chord recognition split point (left/right hand) for the external keyboard in "Settings". For MIDI Out, set MIDI Thru to "ON".
The included styles (e.g. Tango) are based on simple MIDI files which you can produce yourself with a sequencer program or e.g. with "Band-in-a-Box" (PG Music Inc.). You can use the included two sample files to create new styles.

The MIDI files must comply with the fellowing (channel numeration is 0-15, not 1-16):
- 2 bars drum intro (for synchronization)
- 4 bars accompaniment
- 1 or more bars ending
- Channel 9 (10) for drums
- Channel 10 (11) for bass
- Channels 11 to 15 (12 to 16) accompaniment
- MIDI events for instrument, volume, reverb, chorus and left/right must be present, if you will save changes
- Tempo information
- For a "Cmaj" based MIDI file, name it *_Cmaj.mid
- For a "Cmaj7" based MIDI file, name it *_Cmaj7.mid (e.g. "Tango_Cmaj7.mid")
- The MIDI file must be a "Type 0" file (single track).

Changes that you make on existing styles (tempo, instrument, volume, reverb, not master volume) can be saved in a new MIDI file (only if the MIDI message to change is present in the file).
If you need help to create a MIDI file for accompaniment, please contact me.
As the MIDI files for accompaniment are recorded in "Cmaj" or "Cmaj7", it is possible, that not all 32 detected chords sound as you like it (optimized for the accordion, maj, min, 7 and 7dim).

- When you hold down for example the button "A" while pressing "B", then the bars are played alternately (each combination is possible, except "End"). This may be useful for some styles to hear the alternating bass.
- Press a new chord a little time before the end of the bar to make sound the new chord correctly from beginning.

Known problems:
- In iOS > 6 there is a function called "Multitasking ...". Please set the switch to OFF (only iPads, Settings, General). Otherwise playing with multiple fingers does not work correctly!
- No sound: Is the silent switch set to OFF or volume too low?

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