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Description de l'appli

Do you have what it takes to run your own airline? Buy airplanes of multiple kinds, put them on airports, build a fleet of planes, you don't need to hire and fire pilots and attendants. You just buy equipment and airplanes and try to expand your inventory and beat your competitors to conquer the skies in this Tap to rich Airline Tycoon Clicker Game. This tap-tap simple, fun, free airline simulator will really put your business management skills to the test, profits will come up when you perform good.

It's not as simple to run an own airline. You’ll need strategic skills to build your exclusive company into a profitable airline with a fleet of planes and relevant equipment that span the globe. Fans of airline games will love the challenge.

You’ll start your adventure with a owing your first airplane-stairs. Buying your first airplane is a lot harder. You have to gradually build your ideal airline one step at a time. Try to buy each and everything that is required to run operations. Keep buying and keep earning. When the profits roll in, you’ll become an airline tycoon, moving millions of passengers everyday everywhere. As your exposure increases in this airline sim, you’ll be able to buy more and more aircrafts, and your profits will soar.

With the money you make from your first few purchases you can acquire bigger and better planes. Head to the inventory to see airplanes and their prices. The larger the plane, more the profits are. Manage your airline right and you could soon be the proud owner of an impressive aircraft fleet. Expanding your fleet with buying new planes and selling older less profitable planes is an absorbing challenge that makes this airplane game hard to put down.

Make sure to test the very best of your strategies and keep a balance in your sale and purchase. Try to buy everything. Nothing can be ignored. Everything is useful. From buying a transport bus to a supersonic plane. It takes a lot more to be an Airline Tycoon! A good airline manager will always have strategies in running thats grabs profit.

It’s up to you to buy and sell whatever you want. This Airline Tycoon will bring rewards whenever you play it specially some bonus cash that can be used to purchase speedy and larger passenger jets and other airline equipments.

Airline Tycoon is easy to pick up and play, and you can choose the strategy that suits you. Your success as an airport tycoon depends on your ability to manage. Airline games are challenging and fun.

If plane games are your thing, you’ll definitely want to try it out. You can buy:

• Airplane Stairs
• Passenger Transporting Buses
• Airplanes Refueling Tankers
• Utility Cranes
• Runway Crash Tenders
• Airport Fire Fighting Engines
• Private Helicopters
• Rotor Passenger Planes
• Small Size Aeroplanes
• Medium Size Aeroplanes
• Jumbo Jet Aeroplanes
• Super-sonic Aeroplanes

If you’re a fan of airline games and you love to take on the tycoon role, then this airline sim is going to sweep you off your feet. Final call for airport game fans, download this free airline game today and see if you can become the next Airline Tycoon!

Simple Fun for Everyone!

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