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Bark for Professionals

Prix: Gratuit avec des achats intégrés
Compatibilité: iPhone & iPad

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Description de l'appli

Bark finds you new customers so you can grow your business. Customers tell us what they need and we put them in touch with great companies like yours to get the job done.

We’ll send you information about people looking for your services for free, so you can pick and choose the jobs that are right for you. We don’t take commission, there are no monthly fees and everything you make is yours to keep.

Use this app to receive customer requests wherever you are. When you see a job you’d like to pitch for, introduce yourself with a tailored message and call them directly – straight from your phone.

Here’s what just a few of our professionals say about our service:

"I love this service! It's like pay per click but you can decide what clicks to pay for” David Thompson, music teacher

“In the six months I have been listed with Bark I have already secured £7,000 worth of business.” – Jan, Janet Gow Photography

“Forget all the failed methods you’ve tried in the past and give Bark a try, because this one actually does work and you won’t regret it.” – Brian Wilcock, Imagination Creative

With over 1,000 professional services to choose from, you too can join the tens of thousands of companies already thriving on our platform. Download the Bark Pro app and start growing your business with Bark today.

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169 notes

Waste of money

Very expensive to contact customers who have send you a message but when you respond to their message they don’t bother to read or reply !

19 Jan 2021


Don’t bother this is an absolute con and waste of money!! This thing should be BANNED!!

29 Nov 2020

A complete waste of time and money

You compete against 5 other tradesmen all paying to get a bogus phone number. Bark makes money no matter what. You spend credits to get a contact number at £4.80 4 credits for a gutter vacuum lead. Bark will be making millions off the backs of people chasing work. Heartbreaking. The potential customers dont know tradesmen have to pay to get a bogus lead. Will I get credits refunded for not getting work. Do your research before you hand over cash. Check out the reviews on the Facebook advertising. It’s not good.

12 Nov 2020

Avoid like the plague!!

Right at the beginning I received a job off Bark. I don’t know if it was beginners luck or what. However, clients don’t realise it costs you credits to contact them. The reality is the clients don’t get back in touch with you even if you’re the only Bark user contacting them, so you’re throwing away cash to chase a lead that isn’t even there. But meanwhile Bark still get paid: They received their cash up front when you bought your original credits. Next up Bark message you about a limited offer on a bulk buy of credits. It seems great so you buy a load. So you hang onto your credits, saving them for better commissions. Then Bark start spamming you to use your credits. Then Bark tell you you need to upgrade to a paid profile to get noticed! Something they never originally mentioned. So you upgrade. What happens? Occasional clients find you and send you a message. It costs you up to double the usual number of credits to respond to these ‘direct leads’ and your message is once again ignored!! Finally, some leads cost 3 credits to respond. Others cost 8 to respond. And yet there seems no correlation between the number of credits and the value of the commission (if you ever actually won the commission!). I’m now trying to cancel my monthly payments for the paid profile (but there’s no obvious link to do this) and once I’ve used up my credits I’ll be leaving Bark for good. How can EVERY lead (except for my first) ignore EVERY response?? There’s something fishy about this.

18 Nov 2020

Absolutely useless

You post a request and they go on sending emails asking for further information about the job but don’t state what we need to add to request a professional.A waste of time and energy, look for rated people. Worst quote app ever.

14 Nov 2020

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