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Black Lotus: Zen + Meditation

Éditeur: Black Lotus Technologies Private Limited
Prix: Gratuit avec des achats intégrés
Compatibilité: iPhone & iPad

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Description de l'appli

Why Black Lotus?
Take a moment and think back to a time when you were laser-focused on an activity. It could have been an exam, an interview, a first date, a lego set, or anything else that required a single-pointed focus to succeed. Now, imagine having that throughout your day. It can be in your conversations with your loved ones, when you are presenting at work, or when you are trying to listen to your favorite piece of music. That is the goal and purpose of Black Lotus, to help you lead a mindful and fulfilling life.

Why should you learn mindfulness from Black Lotus App?
Om Swami, the Chief Mentor at Black Lotus has done 15000+ hours of meditation and is one of the foremost experts in the world today on mindfulness. You can go through the scientific study (link) that was done on him that proves his startling ability to hold a single-minded focus at will, amongst other findings. Learn from the expert to help bring in mindfulness by following step-by-step guidance.

What do you do in Black Lotus?
The path within Black Lotus is simple. Om Swami has curated for you simple goals that you do one by one and increase mindfulness.The goal packs are based on the RARE framework. RARE stands for Reflect, Act, Reinforce, Evaluate. This habit or framework only requires you to devote 12-17 minutes of your time but leads to tremendous results.

The day for the user begins with a reflection meditation. Studies have shown that spending 10 minutes on meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety. During the day, the app will prompt several simple actions from the users. The cornerstone of this is Raks or Random Acts of Kindness. Acts of kindness have been seen to improve joy significantly. In addition to these, the user might also be prompted to do breathwork to regulate the airflow in the body. Reinforce gets the user to read inspirational content on their path to transformation. Lastly, the user ends the day by how they went about their activities. This structured approach will help anyone achieve their self-transformation goals effectively and efficiently as all these activities combined should only take 12-17 minutes a day.

What goals and benefits can be achieved?
A few of the sample goal packs that are available in the app are as follows:

1) Build Focus: Unleash the power of concentrative meditation to be more focused in all aspects of your life.

Benefits of going through this goal pack:
1. Better concentration
2. Improved Focus
3. Greater awareness
4. More producitvity

2) Be Mindful: Master the art of mindfulness to be more effective at everything you do.

1. Heightened awareness
2. Joyous mind
3. More harmony
4. Greater effectiveness

3) Be Stress-Free: You can't stop the rain but you can carry an umbrella. Stress is a response and you can change it. Learn how.

1. Superior awareness
2. Greater self-control
3. More productivity
4. Better sleep

There are more goals available. Try Black Lotus for free and witness the transformation unfold!

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