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This app eases the management/ download and storage of your planned and actual rosters published by NetLine/CrewLink, with reports creation for your earnings and flight time data; expedites notifications checking and acceptance (one touch checking); allows to check your crew from within the app.

Currently, the app supports the following airliners:
-GOL Linhas Aéreas (storage, crew, notifications, earnings and flight time reports)
And the following in experimental version - Storage, crew and notifications:
-Bulgaria Air
-Garuda Indonesia
-Lufthansa and its subsidiaries
-OTHER (just enter the crew link address of your airliner)

General Features (all airliners):
-Simple configuration: select your airliner, your function, and your CrewLink login and password.
-Download and storage of your planned and actual rosters, separated by month.
-View your rosters offline.
-CrewLink username and password storage by the app.
-View and accept notifications.
-Check your crew from within the app.
-Open your roster using the app (directly from your email, or even another app).
-"Open In…" function, allows you to open your roster in a 3rd party app.
-Email support, send your rosters directly from the app.
-AirPrint Support, print your roster/report directly from the app.
-Notifications Auto Check with Audio feedback - will auto check your notifications every 5 minutes, and sound the appropriate feedback sound for “No new notification”, “New notification” or “Error”. Note: The responsibility of receiving the notifications cannot be delegated to the app, so you should provide the usual means your airliner to contact you and not rely on the app. The app will not keep history of when this feature was enabled.

Specific Airlines Features:
-GOL Linhas Aéreas
-Main screen summary, with planned/actual roster earnings comparison, showing the higher one (2013+), summary of flight time including night time, holidays and sundays, earning and per diems for that month, organized by payment days.
-Monthly report for total flight time, night time, holiday and sunday time, total paid time and total unpaid holiday and sunday time.
-Monthly report of per diems, organized by day (e.g 3/CAJ, 4/JE)
-Monthly report of detailed flight time: day time, night time, CAT1 time (day and night), Reserve time(day and night), StandBy time, Holidays and Sundays Time (day and night), and Holidays and Sundays unpaid time.
-Monthly preview of paycheck - with basic salary, organic premium, risk premium, day and night flight time, day and night holidays/sundays time, Social Security taxes, Income Taxes and paycheck discounts - such as union contribution, health insurance and alimony.
-Manual configuration of paycheck discounts as fixed values, percentages of gross and net income (with and without income tax discount), or number of kids affecting income tax.

IAP's may apply for individual company features updates.

If your airliner still don't have and specific earnings/per diems/flight time report (or any other kind of information that is relevant for your airliner), please contact me on With your help, I'll be able to add automatic reports for your airliner and make the app even more useful.

If your duty roster is also published by NetLine/CrewLink, please contact me on so that I can add support for your airliner.
I am always looking for beta testers at unsupported airliners at wich NetLine/CrewLink is being used!

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