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The first time I tuned a virtual race car was in 1998 – and it would be years until I got it right.

I remember wasting hours trying to get my blue NSX to handle better only to watch it slide all over the place.

What was I doing wrong? Aren't stiffer springs always better? So many questions...

Fast forward 20 years. Now tuning a car for games like Forza is easy. Becoming an engineer, studying race engineering textbooks, and learning from the Forza community made the journey possible. And testing, lots of testing.

You can take the long way too...or you can download this app.

Because here's what I learned in the end: tuning a car is simply a matter of getting some math right, taking it for a test drive and making a few changes. Nothing magic.

ForzaTune 7 does a good amount of the work and math for you up front. And it makes it easier to know what changes to make beyond that.

If you tell it you're driving a Porsche on Laguna Seca, then it will create a tune accordingly.

If you tell it you want less oversteer out of the turns, then it works out the new values.

There's nothing better than driving a car dialed in just how you want it.

So that's a little bit about ForzaTune and its philosophy.

Here are the technical specs if you're interested in learning more...

–– Original ForzaTune Release Date ––
September 2009

–– Games supported in ForzaTune 7 ––
Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7

–– Tuning Modes Available ––
Standard (dry), drift, drag, rain, rally, and off-road

–– Tune Customizer Options ––
Overall balance, turn entry balance, turn exit balance, ride stiffness, roll stiffness.

–– Gearing Support ––
Includes gearing calculator for all vehicles with the exception of some large trucks and the Peel P50.

–– Units Supported ––
Metric and Imperial

–– Tunes Unique to Each Car ––
Car list covers FH4 and FM7 with updates monthly as needed.

–– Support for Saving Tunes ––
Gives you the option to name and search your previously saved tunes.


Q: Is this for beginners or experienced tuners?
A: Both. Experienced tuners use it to save time. New tuners use it to break into the world of tuning. If someone recommends "learn how to tune" this is one way to fast-track your learning.

Q: Why is tuning your cars important?
A: Suspension settings start to mismatch as you upgrade a car. ForzaTune brings it back to a balanced setup and lets you dial in the right balance. Also, tuning doesn't affect your PI or race restrictions—so this is how you can gain an advantage over other racers.

Q: What is Performance Index(PI)?
A: This is the value next to the class letter. So A700 would be a performance index of 700.

Q: How do I use the app?
A: Copy several car details from the game into ForzaTune, hit "Next" and copy the results into the tuning menu in Forza 7 or Horizon 4. We also have a series of video tutorials on YouTube to get you started.

Q: When should I use the gearing option?
A: Select the gearing tune option if you add a turbo, supercharger or perform an engine swap.

Q: What settings and upgrades do I need?
A: You will need racing upgrades like suspension, braking, and anti-roll bars, and differential to change the values in the tuning menu. You can also use drag, rally and stock suspensions if they are adjustable (like off-road buggies and some trucks in FH4).

You will also have the best results if you disable stability management (STM) and traction control (TCS) for lower class cars. Normal or simulation steering is fine.

Download ForzaTune now to make better tunes faster.

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