Gardien d'âme

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Compatibilité: iPhone & iPad

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Description de l'appli

The masterpiece RPG that attracts gamers all over the world by combining real time strategy (RTS) and action RPG! Guardian Soul is the fantasy role playing endless rts strategy of your dreams!

Are you looking for less stressful but more exciting RTS RPG game?
Then join the spectacular wars that commanders in the world are taking part! This new kind of rts rpg will take you on a journey of a lifetime. Specially crafted for the real fans of free rpg games and real time strategy games.

Our fantasy rpg leads you on a journey filled with tons of worlds, monsters, enemies, endless dungeons – all with visually impressive graphic art. Browse our unique guardians, pick your favorite and try to dominate both on your own in a rts rpg, or against with other players in an online role playing adventure!


Variety of strategies in real time
- Tap & drag! Easy control in real time strategy (RTS)
- See different guardians & their skills
- Create your own guardian combo.

Create your own special guardian!
- Make your own kind of guardian however you want! It will be regularly updated with new ones!
- Unlimited character mastery at your own freedom!
- Special buffs will be given for you combo!

Enormous contents such as MMORPG & MMORTS
- 15 chapters of story modes!
- Diverse dungeons that you can endlessly enjoy such as Dimensional Dungeon, Rank
- Endless diverse dungeons you can experience.

Real time network contents with users from all over the world
- Boss raid that max five global users in real time!
- Against one global user throughout three rounds in PVP line battle.

Guild contents with users all over the world
- Endless journey to become the best guild in the world!
- Fiercely fight for guild honor!
- Fiercely fight for resources!
- Cooperate with your guild members in the guild boss raid!

Get ready for another counterattack soon!
See why we have been one of the best free role playing games.
Download this mesmerizing twist of the real time strategy and roleplaying games!

Free RPG.

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