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Ho’oponopono Clean and Erase

Éditeur: Mabel Katz
Prix: 2.99 USD

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Description de l'appli

Multi Lingual - English / Español / Hungarian

Erasing your Problems got Easier than Ever.

Now with "Erase your Problems with Ho'oponopono App.," letting go of your problems is more Practical, Effective and FUN!

Ho'oponopono Works for Everybody. Choose to be Happy and at Peace no matter what is going on around YOU.

You will benefit with Mabel's Ho'oponopono cleaning NOW.

Let go, relax and allow yourself to be Guided.

::: Testimonies :::

Thank you once again Mabel, for this new App. My inner child and I are having a good time. I laugh and enjoy seeing how the problems go away through the toilet, in the hot-air balloon or in the ocean. Every time I see how thoughts I write are erased and the screen gets white, if this really happens whenever I use a cleaning tool, I have no doubt that Ho'opoonopono works even if I can't see it.
Believe me, it's funny and amazing. Give it a try.
Thank you. I love you. Thank you. - Esther, Mexico

Truth is, I’m having a good time with this new powerful, relaxing and funny cleaning tool box.
Veeeery powerful and veeeery funny!!
Mabel has literally, divinely and concretely transmitted a “great transmuting power” in this application or magical box and its tools, in its music and its way of erasing, let go and play…The entire magical box cleans powerfully… I can perceive it: My open energetic channel at the top of my head can taste ‘everything’ and what it can taste now in the middle of that big flow of energy that encourage this new application is: a subtle, subtle, energy, highly purifying .
Thank you Mabel for have transmitted once again your cleansing power to these others tools.
Thanks Mabel for teaching the cleaning all over the world and for being so creative and funny. I love you, I love you, and I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you
Many Blessings
I love you,
God bless you Mabel. - Francesca DX – Italia

I love the cleaning through the cell phone... I Love it!
It looks unreal how the emotion goes away once I write it down.
Thanks again. - Maria - USA

Hi Mabel!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your example and dedication in reminding us, “What is the way! It is unbelievable how we forget and get hooked up with the movie.
The mobile app is wonderful, because it is always visible and on hand. It reminds me to clean and especially in these days, as I need “intensive cleaning." This is due to my family having a difficult and painful family situation. My mother is suffering a very important senile decay, with some episodes of verbal abuse. I copied the image of The Flor de Lis, and I put it as wallpaper in my cell phone. I can see it all the time and I clean, clean, clean. Not only am I calmer, but it seems that my mother is better!!
Another idea came to me; to send to my relatives, the image of PEACE BEGINS WITH ME, by WhatsApp, with The Flor de Lis, wishing them a HAPPY 2015.
Thank you for being here for me!
I love you. Thank you.
Peace on the World - Silvana - Argentina

Thank you, this is fantastic! It's helping me a lot! I highly recommend it! - Olga

This application is wonderful, not only me but also my intellect enjoy seeing how the problems go away. Thank you Mabel for this opportunity. - Maria Marcela, Argentina

I also have the application and I love it. Fun techniques to let go, erase and be happy . Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! - Misshel - Venezuela

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