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Éditeur: medienwerkstatt
Prix: 1.99 USD avec des achats intégrés

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Description de l'appli

(Children Software Award "TOMMI")

#1 TOP GAME in App Store Germany


• Minor bug fixes
• 3-finger swipe left to undo moves
• Updated for iOS 13 and iOS 14 and all 2020 iPads and iPhones
• Better support for keyboard commands
• Runs on iOS 12 or newer


Meet Pushy, a small, friendly character who wants to be in his home. Before he can get there, however, there is a puzzle to solve. You move Pushy step by step and, through trial and error, determine how the different elements of the puzzle operate, and what tasks need to be done. For example, Pushy must move obstacles and dump a red ball into a red hole. After completing all relevant tasks, move Pushy to his home. If you solved everything correctly, you will advance to the next level!

• 250 built-in levels
• Genius-Pack (86 brand-new levels and graphics) available as in-app purchase
• Collect all coins and become a "Pushy Meister"!
• Skip levels (using your coins)
• Game Center Leaderboards
• LEVEL EDITOR: create your own levels!
• Send/receive levels via Airdrop, Bluetooth or by email!
• Unlock all editor elements by solving all built-in levels
• 8 Pushy songs
• Easy touch control (tap, drag or swipe), or ...
• Control Pushy with your face on devices with Face ID
• Undo moves
• Save game on exit and resume later
• Up to 5 player accounts
• Landscape and split screen/multitasking on iPads
• Online backup and restore of your player accounts
• Fast access to the last played level
• Listen to your favorite music or podcasts while playing
• Share to Facebook, Twitter a.s.o.
• Handoff: Start a level on one device and finish it on another
• Record and save your game play: make your own Let's Play videos
• Apple Watch App
• iPad/iPhone/iPod universal!
• Supports all new devices and iOS versions

The first few levels can be solved very quickly. However, as new elements are added, you will encounter very demanding puzzles that may take many attempts to figure out. There are more than 200 different built-in levels, with varying degrees of difficulty. The "Genius-Level Pack", a separate set of more than 80 levels available as an in-app purchase, provides even more challenges. Each level must be solved in order to advance to the next one. After only a few levels you'll come to appreciate what Pushy really is: a logic game that is a lot of fun! Each level will create new challenges to your intelligence. In advanced levels, Pushy will be able to move heavy stone blocks out of the way, cleverly bypass electrical spots to get through the sliding doors and free up a path through offices littered with bullets. But, watch out for trap doors and other alarms you may trigger!

There are loads more things to do than in classic sokoban!

Have fun!

(EVERY level is solvable!)



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