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ارقام - معرفة أسم المتصل

Éditeur: Mudasir Bashir
Prix: Gratuit
Compatibilité: iPhone

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Description de l'appli

**مميزات التطبيق **

* إمكانية البحث من خلال الإسم عن أرقام الجهات المختلفة الحكومية والخاصة إضافة إلى الأفراد.
* إظهار جميع الأسماء المتعلقة بالرقم وترتيبها حسب الأدق والأحدث باستخدام تقنيات متقدمة.
* إظهار اسم المتصل أثناء الاتصال إذا كان الرقم مجهولاً
* إظهار إذا كان الرقم مسجل في تطبيق الواتس آب أم لا.

* سرعة في تنفيذ عملية البحث وإظهار النتائج
* حجب المكالمات الغير مرغوب بها.

* واجهة مستخدم جديدة وبسيطة وسهلة

إخلاء مسئولية:
جميع المعلومات المستخدمة في هذا التطبيق هي معلومات متوفرة على الإنترنت و يهدف التطبيق إلى جمعها في مكان واحد لسهولة الوصول إليها

ArqaM - Best Arabic App to search by name for individual, public and private sectors phone numbers. It is also a Caller ID and search engine for identifying unknown caller

ArqaM is the spectacular name, number search engine.The dynamic phonebook of ArqaM and true caller finder, makes you the proud user of this next generation app. This magnificent app is absolutely free of cost for all iOS users and for the first time in iOS family, ArqaM has brought imperial service for its loyal users, such as automation of caller’s details, largest channel to access to the bigger half of the world. It has unique user-friendly interface and first forward navigation system. Surprisingly, ArqaM is articulated with artificial intelligence which can catch the unwanted and threatened calls in a blink of eyes. Arqam gives you the unbelievable HD screen experience and the astonishing themes to decorate your phone directory.
“ArqaM is the best among the bests”

ArqaM specialties:-
- Artificial intelligence to find caller authentication
- Multidimensional phonebook with gigantic database system
- Unlimited connectivity to the world
- Collect the caller info even if it is not your phone directory

Absolutely search by name engine: Best caller ID app offers you a supreme and powerful caller identification privilege within one-hundred-percent free of cost. The home screen of the app shows information of Caller’s name, images, and location when it matches with the source.
Connected to the world: Through smart contact search, you can access to one of the world’s largest phone number databases with a single tap of your finger. Arqam will open an avenue of more than 1.5 billion people and business around the world for you.

User-friendly: The app has an excellent user-friendly interface with an exclusive phone book. Quick navigation, effortless first forward access from one section to another, easy and smooth service are Arqam's first promise.
Imperial service: Best caller ID uses the unique program to find the true caller. This application can search the person of another side of the phone by name, location and communication gesture like mobility or immobility. This motion service helps the user to escape form wired environment.
Artificial intelligence: The application can instantly figure out the spam caller IDs as well as prank calls without considering the logic of whether the callers' name is in call directory or not. The app builds with dynamic phone book to find callers' identification. A unique program of unknown number identification has made the app more artificial.
All information published in this application is information that is made available from open sources or obtained with the consent of its owners. Collected and published for easy access and search.

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1052 notes

برنامج فاشل

افشل برنامج عدى الاطلاق

10 Déc 2020

محمد عاتي

تطبيق فاشل لا يحمله

10 Jan 2021

فاشل لا يعمل

فاشل مايطلع شي ابد

11 Fév 2021

الاعلانات كثيرة

جيد ولكن الاعلانات جدااااا كثيره تخليك تفكر بحذف التطبيق

25 Déc 2020

هل تتوفر نسخه مدفوعة للتطبيق ؟


18 Fév 2021

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