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Stickman Trampoline Jumping

Éditeur: Usman Musaddiq
Prix: Gratuit avec des achats intégrés

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Description de l'appli

Welcome to the #1 bounce jumping trampoline flip game in 20+ Countries Worldwide!

Yes, this is real life...

Imagine with us for a second...

You're an amateur stickman trampolinist trying to find your place in the world....

You've just lost out on the greatest trampoline event in your life, and now your hopes of making it the Olympic games are basically nil.

Tough go right?


So what do you do? Just let that be the end of your story? Go find some other stick friends and hit the pub?

I don't think so.

You get back on the trampoline and start bouncing, mastering insane flip combos until you get another chance to take your flip mastering skills to the next level!

That's right, and Stickman needs your help in the jumping trampoline challenges...

so, now that you know the back story of the original bounce stickman character - what are you doing to do about it? Not download this free trampoline game and let him squander his life away?

We hope not. Take some ownership for Stickmans life, and help him master the trampoline again...

We guess after all is said and done the real question for you, my friend, is this: Do YOU have what it takes to master the insane height & flip combos of Stickman Trampoline?

We hope so...

Join over 2.5 MILLION Downloaders who have gotten hooked on Stickman Trampoline.

While you're at, try your best to top Leaderboards and become the trampoline master, unlock 10 new levels and 13 characters that have their UNIQUE PHYSICS and land jumps like a Stickman Champ!

Welcome to your new favorite way to pass the time

The game starts on the jump trampoline. Understand the physics of the jumps and movements, and perform front flips and backflips with the stick flip trickster with simple controls. Tap fast to flip shortly, or hold to flip continuously.

In this super-fun stick flip jump backflip game you start with the Stickman hero. However, as you progress in the jumping trampoline challenges, you can unlock other trampoline masters with their own trampoline flip physics and movements. Not only that, you will perform these crazy stick jumping trampoline tricks all across the world in 10+ impressive themes.

Always try your best on the stickman flip trampoline. The key is to perform precise saltos, front flips and backflips with great anticipation. Play a flip tramp game which is filled with excitement, and try to achieve amazing scores so you can earn coins, complete achievements, challenges your friends and top the global leaderboards!


- Super Addictive gameplay with pick-up-and-play easiness
- 13 UNIQUE Stickman/Stickwoman characters, each with their own physics - can you master them all?
- 10 Out of this World themes to jump in - including new Paris, Rome, SPACE, and Hollywood!
- Earn coins with high scores and by completing achievements with successful trampoline flips, then head to the store to unlock the next trampoline master level!
- Challenge your friends to show them your best trampoline flips & try to be on top of the worldwide leaderboards!

If you're a fan of any other Stickman style games or flip jump trampoline bounce games, Stickman Trampoline is a must-have!


Oh yeah, Check out the paid version of this stickman bounce game for exclusive Challenge Mode and no ads!

Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or suggestions at We would love to hear from you!

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