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TeleMe – Record on 2nd Number

Éditeur: Gelenk Networks Inc.
Prix: Gratuit avec des achats intégrés

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Description de l'appli

Want to keep the recordings of your favorite conversations stored in your device? How about recording a call in order to get access to important information after a call has ended? Whether you want to keep a history of your audio calls or simply want to make and record calls, this app is the perfect solution for you!

Allow yourself to enjoy the convenience of a free, cheap phone call app designed to record conversations with your friends, family members and business colleagues in a safe and private manner. Try it today!

• Make High-Quality Phone Calls To Anywhere In The World For A Very Cheap Price
• Get A Second Virtual USA/Canada Phone Number
• 100% safe, secure, and confidential top-quality audio call recording
• Use the second phone number app feature to make phone calls for cheap
and enjoy HQ audio transmission from anywhere in the world.
• Mask your actual number by making calls from a second number and recording your conversations with anyone.
• No need to enter passcodes, PIN or passwords to login to your call
recorder account.
• You can save call recordings in your device and play them
later as your desire.
• Check-In Daily to Earn Free Phone Call Credits ​
• Get Bonus Credits for Watching Video


Switch to a much more reliable call recorder app that offers automatic call recording whenever you make or receive a call. Keep track of your conversation and store audio evidence of any important deals you have accomplished over calls. This app offer 100% safe and secure audio call recording without compromising on the confidentiality of your audio calls.


Use the cheap second phone number app to make phone calls for cheap and enjoy HQ audio transmission from anywhere in the world. Mask your actual number by making calls from a second number and recording conversations with anyone. This app is as good as it can ever get!


You can save call recordings in your device and play them later as you desire. Say goodbye to poor quality conversation recordings by using this top-quality call recorder app.


• Simple and easy call recording app UI/UX
• User-friendly and appealing second phone number app
• Smooth and responsive call and record buttons to make phone calls
• Record phone calls automatically by enabling the record calls feature
• Save and play the call conversation recordings in your device
• HD call recording without any distortion in voice and audio quality
• Record conversation with your friends, family, colleagues and other numbers
• Keep a record of phone calls and their recordings on your device
• Hassle-free second phone number creation to record conversations
• No need to enter pin and passwords to login to your account
• 100% safe, secure and private call recording app for everyone

TeleMe uses your 3G/4G or WiFi to make phone calls(a cheap calls dialer) worldwide (with 20 cents gift credits to start).

Rates for the calls to landlines and mobile numbers worldwide are super low (30% cheaper than other Apps).

Cheap calls to India.
Cheap calls to China.
Cheap calls to the USA.
Cheap calls to Nigeria.
Cheap calls to Mexico.
Cheap calls to the UK.

Would you like to unlock the full potential of a cool conversation recorder app? TeleMe is the answer to all your troubles. Download and use TeleMe: Call & Record on Second Phone Number to make and record cheap phone calls today!

We are committed to managing our business in a transparent and ethical way. We promise to always be upfront with our customers about how our business works(especially when it costs). Your privacy is important to us; none of the information that you register will be passed to any other company. We’re always working hard to deliver the best user experience! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us via:

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