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Immortal Taoists-idle Games

Prix: Gratuit avec des achats intégrés
Compatibilité: iPhone & iPad

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Description de l'appli

Happy Spring Festival to all the Taoists from the world!
We have prepared many stunning events and rewards for you.
Daily login and obtain limited 4-star Panda Beast!
The first coming 6-star Immortal Panda Beast are waiting to be collected!!

'Immortal Taoists' The real immortal-cultivation idle game that you've never played before!
Start from a young cultivator and discover your path to immortality, search for ancient ruins and fight against eternal demons, the first chapter of your personal cultivation novel begins here.
Adventure now, become a novel protagonist and live a fantasy life!

=======Game Features=======

■Unparalleled Kungfu Skills
In this game, you will learn many different kinds of unparalleled Kungfu techniques, and a myriad of elemental, psychic and physical spells!

■Great Treasures
In the Universe of Cultivation, spiritual energy fills the lands which teem with mystical treasures, rare herbs, magical talismans and even the fabled immortality elixir! Take what you find and craft powerful equipment, and refine powerful elixirs.

■Fortunate Destinies
Do you want to be like the heroes in Wuxia novels? Live out your fantasy, whether seeking artifacts in the deep mountains, or cultivating in the temple's peaceful serenity, there are countless good fortunes to be discovered! Even a seemingly poor beggar could be an ageless hermit waiting to offer you immortality with powerful spells. Make your choices and discover your destiny.

■Martial Sects
You can experience the many different Martial Sects in the world, make your choice and discover the stories of different sects. It doesn’t matter whether you are good or evil, a cultivators ultimate goal is to reach immortality regardless of means.

■Find your companion
The path of a cultivator can be a lonesome one, so wouldn't it be wonderful to find a life long companion? Someone who is always with you and walks the path of cultivation by your side. It is very difficult for those who walk this path find true love, so please treasure the strings of fate that bring people together.

Your immortal destiny is here, let's cultivate together!
Check our facebook page/discord to get more rewards and guides!

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784 notes

Best Cultivation game on iOS !

I read a lot of cultivation manga/manwha/manhua on MangaDex and when I saw the ad banner, I told myself: "A cultivation game ? Doesn’t hurt to try !"For now, the game is good ! The text may be a little little bit off some times but otherwise, it’s good. It’s a good game to play if we don’t really have a lot of time since it’s an idle game.

22 Déc 2020

1 thing to upgrade...

the game has no major worries other than getting accessories / clothes for female characters when you have a male character, which is a huge disappointment in the store's chests

02 Jan 2021

1 thing to upgrade...

the game has no major worries other than getting accessories / clothes for female characters when you have a male character, which is a huge disappointment in the store's chestsHelp ! I just bought the new outfit in the shop of the monthly event, i used it but i can’t find the cloth in my cloths inventory i restarted the game many times without success

30 Jan 2021

Like it

A good game

09 Fév 2021


can you put the games in french language? it should help attracted a lot of people because I have a bit of difficulty with English and I would have liked to learn more about the game, even if it is translated by google translate it would be a really good incentiveSorry for the 1 star, i juste want you to see this

31 Jan 2021

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