Blinged JSON Validator

Éditeur: Natalie Podrazik
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Description de l'appli

Do you need to prove that a snippet of JSON is well-formed? Don't you want to track down problematic characters preventing a string's validation? Aren't you tired of apps made for developers that just don't have enough bling?

Well, look no further, because the Blinged JSON Validator meets all of your validation and digital geode needs!

Version 1.0 includes:
- Syntax highlighting
- Whitespace and leveled indentation, providing some much-needed breathing room around those pesky elements
- Insightful error messaging to help you get to the bottom of the funk in your JSON
- Hotkeys for quick text insertion
- Full functionality without requiring internet connection. That's right, folks! Impress your fellow airline passengers with some shiny, well-formed data.

Made by a developer who just HAD to have this on her desktop!

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