Freak Climber

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Your console... I mean, your girlfriend has been kidnapped and your only thought is rescuing her!! An evil alien has entered through your window and escapes climbing up the building carrying the thing... the person you love most!!! Pursue him through different worlds, avoid strange alien weapons and UFOs and do not fall to your death… your precious awaits!!!

Freak Climber is an awesome arcade where you scale a building while avoiding tons of obstacles. You will earn gold by climbing, which you will use to get better gear in the shop and help you climb faster and higher. FC will offer you hours of fun with its 4 playing modes:

- History - Unlock the included full-color comic while you advance in increasingly difficult worlds
- Endless mode - Climb as high as you can, beat 30 different and challenging achievements and earn some money - test your skills against yourself.
- Mission - Complete a mission and earn some money.
- Multiplayer - Show your friends who is boss in a mighty 1v1. Who will reach the top in first place? Without dying in the middle, of course. This is no game for losers.

And on top of that… yep… this game is free, babies. Tasty.

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