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Mail Archiver Easy lets you archive or backup your emails from any IMAP email account.

- Archive from iCloud, Gmail, Exchange or any other IMAP account.
- Archive mbox files.
- Select mailboxes for archiving or exclude them.
- You can archive emails in a date range.
- Duplicate emails are skipped automatically so that the archive/backup is done incrementally.
- Export the emails to mbox.
- Download external content to preserve the complete emails.
- Restore emails to your inbox.
- Optionally delete emails from the IMAP account.
- Add/Rename/Delete mailboxes.
- Encrypt your archive with a password.
- The email viewer looks like your email client.
- Search or filter your emails.
- Application is available in German and English.

I’m a writer and retired university professor. I spend my day writing and receiving emails. To say that archiving my emails is essential, is an understatement. I need them archived in a readily accessible, logical, intuitive, yet simple fashion. For years I used an archiving program which I won’t name. It was good, till Gmail ruined it. Even when it was good, it had shortcomings. Then I discovered Mail Archiver X. I’m blown away by its elegance, intuitiveness, intelligence, usefulness — and the helpfulness of its creator, Beatrix Willius. I cannot think of any way this program could be improved. For me, buried by correspondence from people across North America and indeed the world, Mail Archiver X is a life-saver — an easily accessed library of all my correspondence and its myriad attachments. I am deeply appreciative to Beatrix.
Calvin M., PhD
Associate Professor of History (retired)

I am a computer professional with three computer books published, including one on database design. From the perspective of an expert on database design, I regard Mail Archiver X as a fully functional, well-designed database app for email archiving. I have found it to be bug-free, fast and straightforward to use. From the perspective of a user of Mail Archiver X, I am fully satisfied. I have several email accounts for professional and personal use, and organize them all into folders and subfolders within Apple Mail. Apple Mail is unwieldy for more than a year’s worth of emails, so I need an archive solution to hold multiyear emails. In 2018 I switched from Mail Steward to Mail Archiver X and recreated my multiyear email archive in Mail Archiver X from scratch, without a hitch. I particularly like that (in contrast to Mail Steward) Mail Archiver X retains my folder organization of my emails, so that I can find any emails from any year within moments. I also like that Mail Archiver X offers precise control over what gets archived and where. This app does everything that I need.
Michael S., Washington, DC, USA

Mail Archiver Easy includes:
10,000 emails can be archived.
Multiple accounts are supported.

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