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MIDI to MP3 converts MIDI music to MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC or M4A format easily and quickly. Pleasant features like automatic volume adjusting, audio effects, format customization, easy interface, batch processing, automatic tags creation, and integration with iTunes will allow you to convert your favorite MIDI music to MP3 or another popular audio format quickly and with the high quality of output audio.

MIDI to MP3 converter accepts and encodes MIDI files of "Format 0" and "Format 1" to customizable MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC or M4A formats.

To start a conversion, just drop .mid files or folders to the app’s window or icon. MIDI to MP3 converter will estimate conversion time, and provide details of the conversion for every source file. You will be informed when conversion of all files is finished.

MIDI to MP3 converter allows to convert an unlimited number of songs and folders in one click and supports multiple conversions simultaneously. MIDI to MP3 can replicate the directory of source folders. It is especially convenient if you need to encode entire MIDI music collection to MP3 or another audio format.

MIDI to MP3 estimates Bit Rate, Sample Rate, and Channels automatically, and applies optimal settings to output MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC or M4A audio files. It guarantees the best possible sound quality, saves your time and hard drive space.

If you would like to convert to a particular Bit Rate*, Channels, etc., just change settings in the Preferences.

You can customize audio effects to improve the quality of output sound: adjust the volume of too quiet tracks, trim silence and apply fade-in and fade-out effects for smooth playback.

MIDI to MP3 converter allows exporting converted music to new or existing iTunes playlists by the quick and easy way.

MIDI to MP3 converter fully utilizes all CPU cores. Encoding in separate processes makes it reliable and “crash free.”

Please, email to sup.amvidia@gmail.com about any problems or feature requests. We always glad to improve our applications for you. If you like MIDI to MP3 converter, a review at the App Store would be very appreciated.

* Note: We recommend set Bit Rate at 128 or lower number if you are going to burn MP3 files to CD and use it in your car. Many CD car players may not playback MP3 files with Bit Rates higher than 128 kbps.

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