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Supermarket Prisoner Escape Sim 3D

Éditeur: Lingo Games
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Description de l'appli

Some dangerous gangsters and prisoners spending hard time in Alcatraz jail has been managed to an epic jail breakout and escaped and have fled away in the crime city of San Andreas and Campton. Reports and intelligence have confirm the sighting some of the prisoners and gangsters in the city markets. One of the prisoners has been sighted at the supermarket performing burglary. After spending years of hard time jail and jailed for committing supermarket shoplifting, its time to breakout and escape from the jail and commit crimes.

Being in horrible prison, have turned your life as a professional criminal, so after escaping you went inside the supermarket and city shopping center for shoplifting your required stuff as food and clothing. The city police cops are hunting down every shop in town so be careful and don’t get caught by the crazy maniac police officers as they will arrest you and will transport you back to the Alcatraz epic jail prison.

Play Supermarket prisoner escape simulator an action packed realistic 3D prisoner escape game where you can play the role of an escaped prisoner from the jail prison engaged in shop lifting, robbery adventures. Break into the city supermarket, dodging the surveillance cameras inside the supermarket and super store, beating the security guards and stealing the cash from cash register and foodstuff from grocery shelves.

This time as a supermarket prisoner and shoplifter escape, sneak yourself into the supermarket and take a hideout from the security guards, steal food, drinks and other grocery and clothing items as you need to disguise yourself and get rid of the prison and jail uniform. Clear all challenging levels and make your way out from this puzzled supermarket without getting caught by the security guards and police hunting for the escaped prisoners. Take a secure sneak peek inside the supermarket, try to locate the security room and turnoff the cameras if possible steal and shoplift your items while managing to hide and escape from the guards in this supermarket prisoner escape epic 3D simulator.

Jailed for several years for the criminal records for committing crimes like shoplifting, smuggling and working for drug mafias in crime city of San Andreas and Las Vegas, now you have got the chance to breakout from the epic Alcatraz jail with the help of your fellow prisoners and crime masters. As an epic and expert professional shoplifter and gangster you are on the move in the town of nowhere, the guards in supermarket are on high alert and guarding the supermarket as watchdogs in different positions, shoplifting and robbing is not an easy task in this supermarket full of customers and supporting staff. You need to reach the escape point at any cost and prove yourself as the best gangster and supermarket shoplifter.

Supermarket Prisoner Escape Sim 3D game is all about making a hiding place after escaping from the Alcatraz prison jail and hiding out from the border police and cops of supermarket. Crouch from the corridors of supermarket escaping from high security areas has made your escape and hideout in the supermarket is tough.

Fight your way out with the using guns, hardware tools and bare hand fights with the guards and police guard cops. Use your weapons and ammunition to make your kill way out in this supermarket prisoner escape hideout survival game. The supermarket is filled with grocery, weapons, clothing, hammers, tools, toys, dinosaur stuff toys and many more things.

Prove yourself as the best escaped prisoner and burglar shoplifter ever in this city of crime.

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