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Chess puzzles are an ideal way to practice without having to find an opponent or spend time playing an actual game. iChess presents over 1000 offline puzzles from real tournament games. Just launch and start solving!
***** "Awesome app with hell lot of puzzles. Best one seen so far !!"
***** "Its a great and functional training tool"
• Three difficulty levels. All puzzles are offline. No internet connection required
• Load your own PGN puzzle file. Chessbase CBH format not supported
• Hint and engine analysis with Stockfish and Critter!
• Bird View feature to view Solved/Failed and unseen puzzles. Tap on the number to load the puzzle
• Scorecard to track your progress
• Master Chess openings by solving chess tactics from openings like Sicilian, Kings Indian etc (extra $)
• Solve puzzles from recent 2012 tournament chess games (extra $)
• Some puzzles simply win a pawn or a piece and not necessarily end in checkmate
• This is not an app to play chess online or play against the mobile or friends like Chess live, Chess Free, Shredder Chess,, Chess with friends or Chess for Android
* Thanks to and for the PGN files
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* Enjoy solving puzzles from chess games of Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, Aronian, Nakamura, Gelfand, Radjabov, Polgar and others
* Stay up to date with puzzles from recent tournaments like Wijk Aan Zee, London Chess Classic, Chess Olympiad, World Championship, European Teams

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