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Freddie’s Dream of Flying ...
... is an interactive, multilingual Kids Book for Android-Tablets and Smartphones. Completely illustrated and subtitled you can read the book to your child as well as let it be read as an audio book. Your child can control the progress of the story by swiping and touching the screen or playing it automatically. The hidden interactive elements within the illustrations can be discovered by touching different objects on the screen, making it an adventure for your whole family.
- animated illustrations to interact
- language selection between de, en, es, fr, cs, sk, hu
- narrated in english and german
- three ways of reading the book
- recommended for children of 3 years and plus
Ways of reading the book
- Read to Me – listen to the narrator and control the progress of the story yourself
- Read it Myself – read the book in its traditional form
- Auto play – plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning pages. Great for younger children!
Possible applications
- experience an adventure with your child
- bedtime story
- self-entertainment of the child eg.: when traveling
- get to know other languages
- Audiobook
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