Attack of the piano - Note sight reading game.

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Piano note reading game.
features the G-clef and F-clef Each Piano level progresses harder.
First Piano chapter is a tutorial chapter targeting users who have no prior knowledge on reading piano musical sheets.
Second chapter is for users with minimal experience in piano musical sheet note reading.
Third level and the rest is where the action begins. Final Chapter is for Chopin incarnate musical note readers with fast lightning eye to finger reflex.
This App will help you sharpen your musical note reading agility while pushing you to the edge of your seat.
This App will engage your visual senses, polish your timing, increase your patience, bite your lip, hold your breath especially on note attack waves.
If there is a genre for Musical-Cliffhanger games, this might be it. but then again may-be it's just the developer. If you find time to comment and rate the game, that will be very much appreciated.

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