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Keep track of the consumption and costs of the following counter types :
- Electricity meter
- Gas Meter
- water meter
- Positive - counter ( z.B.Photovoltaik )
- Down counter ( for example, levels )
- Other counter
It can be created for each type of counter as many counters.
Objects can e.g. Are flats, etc. created and assigned to the counters houses, thus you can filter counter objects.
My recommendation is 1 x per week submit meter readings and you get a quick overview in figures and graphics.
* Create objects for filtering option , the counter
* For gas meter indication from m3 - > KWH factor for
cost accounting
* Electricity meters for one-and two -rate meter
( High and low tariff meter )
* Positive counter , e.g. for feed (receipts)
* Virtual meter (included results of several meters by addition or subtraction )
* Storage of daily maximum temperature at count input
( Automat.Temperaturermittlung the weather service possible)
* Automatic camera light possible with meter reading .
* CSV Import-Export / Excel
* Statistics : All data / Year / month / date fromto / Abrechn.Zeitraum etc.
* Stats as line and bar chart
* Statistics : For example, Forecast consumption / year , cost / year
Deviation / year
* Statistics are extrapolated to one year , only one has a meaningful evaluation
even at unregelmäßiem read the meter readings .
* PDF report creation with automatic mail sending .
* Manual and Auto Backup & Restore backup of databases
( for example, on SD card )
* Dropbox backup / restore
* Wireless data transfer from device to device
* Storing data in a SQL database access from
SQL database tools possible.
Gladly I do accept suggestions for improvement or suggestions by email. If the app like it, I would be very grateful for a (positive ) EVALUATION.
In case of problems please do not just awarded one star, but write an email , then I can provide answers and help !
FAQs about standard questions are available on the homepage.
Keywords: counter , consumption, electricity, gas , water, energy , utilities, power consumption, power meter , counter , fuel consumption costs , KWH , meter

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