pi-bo Touch & Learn Full Pack Edition (Kindle Tablet Edition)

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[["pi-bo Touch & Learn" receives 2011 Good Design Award]]
"pi-bo Touch & Learn" was honored with the Good Design Award 2011 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Japan's only comprehensive design promotion organization.
According to the judges, “pi-bo Touch & Learn offers high quality graphics combined with a superior level of features. The movement of each character is charming and attractive. We favor pi-bo Touch & Learn’s approach as a simple application expressed with a minimal amount of information.”
This was the first award granted for an iPad application of eBooks targeted for toddlers.
“Tap, Listen and Move”
Start the app and let your child’s interactive experience begin!
The "pi-bo Touch & Learn" is a picture e-book targeted for small children ages 1 to 3 who are starting to learn their native language.
It’s simple to use and easy to navigate. Open the app and let the “Tap, Listen and Move” experience begin.
The tap on the cover will bring up a page with pictures. Select a picture and each tap on the illustration is accompanied with text and audio of the name of the object in three languages – English, French and Japanese. It enables children to listen and learn the names as they view the pictures. What’s more, the recording feature will let you customize the book with your child’s own voice or that of mommy’s and daddy’s.
The pictures in the book move around the screen – you can see the animals walk and the vehicles move. They follow as the kids navigate the screen, creating fun and original movements.
Currently ten titles are available including animals, vehicles, sea life, birds, dinosaurs and bugs. Each book is full of colorful and adorable pictures created by popular children’s book authors. A full pack containing all ten titles, offered at a discounted price, is a great way to start your pi-bo bookshelf.
Full Pack Edition:
- Offered at one low price – great savings over purchasing individual titles.
Ten titles to start the pi-bo book shelf
- 1.Warabe Kimika's Illustrated Animal Book
- 2.Warabe Kimika's Illustrated Animal Book 2
- 3.Yuki Yoshinori’s Illustrated Things-to-Ride-On Book
- 4.Yuki Yoshinori’s Illustrated Things-to-Ride-On Book 2
- 5.Yuki Yoshinori’s Illustrated Truck
- 6.Miyao Rei’s Illustrated Sea Life Book
- 7.Miyao Rei’s Illustrated Bird Book
- 8.Hakata Tetsuya’s Illustrated Dinosaur Book
- 9.Hakata Tetsuya’s Illustrated Bug Book
- 10.Kaichi Toru’s Illustrated Job Book

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