Ruzzle Help (Ruzzle Cheat)

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Supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Dutch dictionaries. More languages are on the way!
Do you ever get stumped while playing Ruzzle? Not anymore! You just found the easiest and fastest way to get help while playing your favorite scrambled letter puzzle game! Our exclusive transparent overlay appears right on top of your game whenever you need help. All you have to do is trace the line to create the highest scoring words possible! Some may accuse you of cheating, but they're just mad they aren't WINNING!
-The most intuitive UI of any Ruzzle cheats, helper, or solver
-Ridiculously fast searches de-scramble entire games and generate all valid letter combinations in milliseconds
-Increase your vocabulary while beating your friends
-Automatically imports your games so that you don't have to do ANYTHING manually
-Amazing in-game mode allows you to simply trace a line to spell out the best possible words! No other Ruzzle cheat app can come close to this!
-Compatible with Ruzzle Free and Ruzzle full
Note: This app is in no way associated with MAG Interactive - makers of the popular Boggle (or Scramble)-style word game Ruzzle.
As with all epEK.ware apps, comments and feedback on Ruzzle Help are always appreciated. A link to my email address can be found within the app.

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