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Do you love great movies? Do you love facts, lists and trivia? Do you anticipate the next big movie to come out? If so, you'll love this App. It is simply a collection of great lists, stories, articles and facts about movies, their history and the people involved. There is tons of information to read and enjoy!
Pixar Movie Ranking
Best Animated Pictures
Best Movies of the 1980's
The Worst Movies of All Time?
Best Disney Animated Movies
Movies About Horses
Greta Garbo Movies
Best War Movies
Best Western Movies
Best Dog Movies
Set in New York City
Set in Philadelphia
Movies Made Into TV Series
Best Nicole Kidman Movies
List of Black Actor Nominees
List of Black Actress Nominees
Academy Award Firsts
Highest Grossing Christmas Movies
Highest Grossing in Britain
Biggest Opening Day
Highest Grossing in China
Best World War II Movies
Best Space Movies
......and much much more
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