TAISHUKAN'S Unabridged Genius En-Ja Dictionary

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"Genius Eiwa-Waei Dai Jiten (Unabridged Genius English-Japanese Dictionary) is now available on Amazon Appstore!
From Genius brand of Taishukan, Japan's bestseller English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionaries, this app contains 225,000 words, 60,000 additional phrases and 100,000 additional pronunciations that are not in printed edition.
It is widely chosen by all English learners from students to adults. Highly recommended for those who want to improve their English for TOEIC preparation or business usage.
+ Features
- Easy access to a variety of idioms and examples.
- Flick pages to turn pages as printed dictionaries.
- Highlight words, bookmark pages to save the expressions you want.
- Download the app and use it offline. Forget about the bad network connection. You can use it in subway, or in the aircraft.
- Incremental search and voice search are also available. (voice search requires Google Voice Search).
- Select the word you wish to copy, paste, or jump to search. Enjoy the features that only app dictionaries can do! "

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