Air Hockey Championship

パブリッシャー: Fat Bat Studio Ltd
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What people say:
"Best I played and found it great fun. Graphics is superb."-Dinesh
"Me pareció mejor que glow hokey. Muy bueno sin duda, Five Stars!"-Hector
"A mio parere the best...Del resto ottimo...."-Luca
"Super spiel für jeden zu empfehlen"-Marcel
Welcome to Air Hockey Championship! Amazing graphics, great effects, easy to learn, hard to master gameplay, and a small install size makes it a great air hockey experience on tablets, one of the best of it's kind!
You can play against different level AI opponents, to choose the best one matching your skills, set up a custom AI to beat, making it harder and harder as your skills get better, or play against your friend on the same device, trying to be the best. In the additional Championship Mode you can play against 4, 6 or 8 opponents, human or computer controlled! The present version contains 8 skins, which not just look very different, but also plays different!
An addictive air hockey sports game for every generation, with metal hockey, real hockey, classic air hockey, soccer (european football), american football, neon retro glow, christmas, valentine, racing and button hockey themes now, which will be expanded upon with updates.
Game features:
- Awesome graphics.
- Smooth and responsive gameplay based on realistic physics.
- 10 table themes (football, ice hockey, soccer, racing, classic, christmas, valentine, metal, denim, retro) different not only in graphics, but gameplay feel.
- Great effects, sparks, explosions, and lights glow when you make a goal.
- 4 levels of preset computer opponent difficulty.
- Championship mode!
- Option for custom AI difficulty settings.
- 2 player multiplayer on the same device.

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