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Winx Sirenix - Magic Oceans

パブリッシャー: Melazeta srl
価格: 1.36 USD


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The Evil Tritannus is polluting the seas and oceans of the all the worlds. Only the Winx Girls can stop him, but to do that they'll have to discover their new secret Sirenix Power!
Help Bloom and her friends transform into Sirenix. Stop pollution using special spells and magical items to save the oceans.
Discover the importance of ecology and with the help of the Winx Girls learn to protect the oceans and the world from pollution!
7 different worlds to save, among which Earth, Melody, Linphea, Solaria and Andros.
125+ levels
20+ story dialogue
6+ different kinds of pollution to destroy
15+ magical items to help you in your quest
Salve the cute Bollabies in the ability Bonus Game.
Defeat Tritannus and his dark powers in special Boss Levels.
Help the Winx Girls stop Tritannus and discover the magic of behing a Sirenix!

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