French History

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Following the success of the personalities apps, which were downloaded more than 600,000 times over the course of two years, the publisher Quelle Histoire has created: Histoire de France Junior.
How can we get children to take an interest in our fascinating history? The Histoire de France Junior app provides an entertaining and engaging approach for children aged 6 to 10 years.
Quelle Histoire has developed learning tools which are suitable for very young children and will help them to see how one event relates to another and remember the pivotal moments of the various historical periods.
For the first time Quelle Histoire is providing a generic app which makes it possible to trace the path of French history.
Some thirty animated and interactive pages invite young users to discover each period. From prehistory to the creation of the European Union, taking in the Hundred Years War and the construction of Versailles, the Histoire de France Junior app is a really good introduction to history.

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