Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D

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Get ready, pilot! New helicopter adventure is waiting for the bravest and the most curious of you! Drive a helicopter, discover new lands, fly over unexplored cities and observe the beautiful landscape with our breath-taking Helicopter Flight Simulator!
HOW TO PLAY: Choose one of the helicopters: a war helicopter or a police helicopter 3D flight! Fasten your belt and turn on the engine. Can you feel it roar? Now you're ready! Use the pedals to go up and down, incline your device to turn left or right. No helicopter wars or exhausting helicopter races with missions ― just fly a helicopter for your pleasure and observe the picturesque view!
You should be pretty good at helicopter landing and take-off, for it's the most important trick in all the helicopter and airplane games! Although if you can already fly a plane, flying a helicopter won't be a problem for you!
If you got tired of over-dynamic police helicopter chase games, you can always try this awesome helicopter simulator! Helicopter Flight Simulator ― enjoy your vertiginous flight!

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