Absolute Doppelkopf

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This is the German version of Absolute Doppelkopf
Whether beginner or professional player, in Absolute Doppelkopf you can find what you need for an exciting Doppelkopf challenge.
Various difficulty levels and many kinds of settings for the gameplay give you the opportunity to make the cardgame customised. Now start a relaxing Doppelkopf match.
By buying Absolute Doppelkopf you get a complete game. No In-App sales, no advertising. All extras and bonuses are already included in the game and need not be purchased separately. Only buy once to enjoy the full extent of the game.
Special card decks and card formations for mobile phones and small screens allow a fatigue-free playing on these devices.
Absolute Doppelkopf is oriented mainly on the rules of the game according to the rules of the tournament of the DDV.
But special rules have been incorporated such as:
- Dullen
- Doppelkopf
- Charlie
- Catching a fox
Also you can choose:
- Farbsolo(Karosolo, Herzsolo, Piksolo, Kreuzsolo)
- Bubensolo, Damensolo
- Fleischloser (also called Kopfloser or Gehirnloser genannt)
- Hochzeit
This is the German version!
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