Get Awareness! Mental and Spiritual Awareness by Hypnosis

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- Feel your own cosmic bond more strongly
- Live your pure self, free from fear and discord
- Allow goals that arise within to manifest themselves without
You know that everything in our universe is one, and that you are linked to the great vastness. And you also know that you create your reality with your thoughts. Just as you know that your body reflects your own inner state. But how can you use this cosmic energy in an even better manner for yourself, trust yourself more, and find out why you are alive?
The hypnosis program “Get Awareness! Experience Cosmic Consciousness by Hypnosis” can help you expand your consciousness independently from time and space. You will learn to delve deep within yourself and concentrate on your loving self, which will always point out the right path for you. You will experience your feelings more distinctly as a decisive driving force for reality. And you will learn how to determine more attentively which experiences you decide to undergo in your life.
“Get Awareness! Experience Cosmic Consciousness by Hypnosis” is a form of relaxation training that works effectively with the techniques of classical hypnosis and mental coaching. The 32-minute program is aimed at adults and young adults who are open to spirituality, and in particular the laws of the universe. If you would like to learn to use it more effectively, Kim Fleckenstein will open the gate to your subconscious with this audio program. Positive affirmations will then be anchored in your subconscious, strengthening your deep bond with the universe, the divine powers, and all that is — or however you choose to call this great phenomenon.
Duration: ca. 32 Minutes

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