Carta Prepagata (Kindle Tablet Edition)

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Check in quickly and easily way balance and transactions of your Italian prepaid cards: Prepaid Paypal , Lottomaticard® Prepaid, StarsCard , Lottomaticard® Easy , AS Roma and Privilege CLub Postepay® . You can also view the historical movements of the previous months .
NB :
Lottomaticard® is a registered trademark owned by CartaLis IMEL Spa
Postepay® is a registered trademark owned by Poste Italiane SpA
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
The application does not use marks and logos related to CartaLis Imel SpA / Lottomatica Group S.p.A. / Poste Italiane S.p.A. is in any way affiliated with CartaLis IMELs Spa / Lottomatica Group SpA / Poste Italiane SpA
EULA (End - User License Agreement ) - License Agreement :
By downloading and installing this application the user makes known the knowledge of the total alienation of and its products from CartaLis IMELs Spa / Lottomatica Group SpA / Poste Italiane SpA
The user also understands that will not save or use for third parties purposes private user data or other informations, unless expressly sent by the user.
Please remember not to leave program started on device in order to avoid display of information by outsiders.
The application uses only the card number and PUK code. The other information necessary for the use of the card ( PIN and CVV2 ) are not required.
Be sure to enter the correct PUK code. An incorrect PUK code may lead to card freezing.
The data are stored on your device in encrypted form . You can also mask the number and protect access to data through the PUK code of the card or a custom password., to ensure maximum privacy, do not use and / or receives any personal data of the user, apart from any bug reports sent explicitly by the user.
The application is completely free of advertising. is in no way affiliated with "CartaLIS Imel SpA" / "Lottomatica Group SpA" / "Poste Italiane SpA" , Prepagata Paypal, Lottomaticard® Prepaid, StarsCard , Lottomaticard® Easy , AS Roma CLub Privilege , PostePay® .
The information gathered by the software are to be considered for information purposes only .
Third-party licensing
The developers accept any liability breach of the rules on copyright for any automatic retrieval of information necessary to use the services offered by the application ( Web Scraping ). The application retrieves the necessary information from the online platforms of the respective companies under delegated user and thus replaces the physical process of access and request information in such databases.
According to Art . 4 Paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 169/99 , the lawful user of the database must not be authorized by the owner thereof for the permanent or temporary reproduction , in whole or part, by any means and in any form for the translation, ' adaptation , arrangement and any other alteration , if such activities ' are necessary for access to the contents of that database and for its normal use .

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