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The MuseScore Player opens and plays scores made with the free MuseScore notation software. The app dynamically fits the sheet music to the screen of your device. You can listen to the music, choose the parts to be displayed and played, change tempo and easily navigate through the score. Creating and adding your own sheet music is made possible with the free MuseScore software for desktop.
Main features:
✓ Listen to the sheet music
✓ Select parts to be displayed
✓ Select parts to be played
✓ Staff resize
✓ Open MuseScore (.mscz) files via Dropbox, Google Drive, email, browser and local storage
✓ Online access to thousands of free sheet music
✓ Download sheet music for offline usage to built-in library
✓ Multitrack playback with volume control
✓ Real time adjustable tempo
✓ Metronome with volume control
✓ Add your own sheet music with MuseScore
✓ Compatible with Airturn Bluetooth Page Turner
MuseScore Player is made for Android devices with 2.3.3 Gingerbread version and higher.
By purchasing this app, you support the future development of the free and open source music notation software MuseScore. Thank you!

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