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Kenkyusha's New College English-Japanese & Japanese-English Dictionary

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*Kenkyusha's New College English-Japanese Dictionary (Seventh Edition)
Total number of words contained surpass 100,000. Vocabulary was significantly expanded and enhanced with new words as well as technical terms so that it goes beyond the use as a learning tool and used in practice even more.
·Vocabulary was expanded with a focus on Information Technology terminology.
· Ancillary information such as synonyms and etymology was reviewed after careful consideration to help deeper understanding of words and to help remember.
· Phonetic symbols and examples were also reviewed and checked by English and American Editorial Board.
*Kenkyusha's New College Japanese-English Dictionary (Fifth Edition)
It boasts one of the largest collection of terminology in mobile electronic dictionary totaling 187,000 words, including 97,000 headwords and compound words and 90,000 phrase and sentence examples.
It covers not only common terminology but also newly added wide range of fields such as internet-related terminology, current events terminology, literature, music and title of movies etc. It includes personal names and place names from China and Korea in consideration of Asia.
Through close collaboration between Japanese, American and British authors, it was able to include abundance of examples with attention to nuances of Japanese language.

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